Teeheehee...new clear channel radio host


A few weeks ago, I asked for help voting off some wingnut wannabees in a Milwaukee AM Radio contest. The winner gets a two year morning show contract at the second biggest AM radio station in the state of Wisconsin. We were 5 for 5 in choosing our winners during the first and second round, eliminating some fine run-of-the-mill wingnuts in the process. Thanks for that.

Today, instead of targeting a loser, I’m asking for you to vote for the final winner! It’s the final round, and voting continues from today through Sunday. To vote, go to www.milwaukeetalkstar.com and click on “Click here to vote for one of the final three”. Then, choose “Nicole D.”

Is this Legal?

Hah! Of course it’s legal. There are no rules anywhere on the contest web site about who is eligible to vote, and even if there were, the station is broadcast over the Internet. Therefore, all of you are technically in the listening audience.

Is this Ethical?

Hah! Of course it’s ethical. The odds have been stacked against our side in this radio market for so long, that I can’t remember what it’s like to hear a Liberal voice on local radio. When I heard about this contest, I figured it was time to tilt the scales in our favor. If there’s anyone unethical here, it’s the station management, for giving us 17 Conservative contestants, 2 moderates and 1 Liberal - all this in a state that voted 51% for John Kerry in 2004. Doing our part to make the radio market “Fair and Balanced” to match the population of the state is as ethical as it gets.

Thanks for your help, and Good Luck Nicole!

So, many of you are aware that I’ve been openly campaigning for weeks on behalf of Nicole Devin in the Milwaukee Talk Star competition. On Friday, the results were announced, and Nicole won! She receives a two year contract on a ClearChannel station, WISN in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The backlash this weekend from local Conservative bloggers has been very interesting, as they cried “Conspiracy!” and “Cheaters!”

Well, in a shocker, hell froze over this morning, when local Conservative radio host Charlie Sykes spoke about our campaign (mp3). He read almost my entire diary on the air, saying, among other things:

“It’s a Flagrant Act of Democracy.”

funny stuff.