Teen Mom trolls high school

Har har.

A high school student who faked her pregnancy for six months as a social experiment stunned a student assembly this week by taking off the belly bundle.

Only a handful of people knew that 17-year-old Gaby Rodriguez wasn’t really pregnant, including her mother, boyfriend and the principal, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic.

They helped keep the secret from some of her siblings and her boyfriend’s family and students and teachers, all as part of a senior project on stereotyping.

Before the revelation, she asked several students and teachers to read quotes people said about her during the course of her experiment.

Next on Nightly Talk Time: Abortions are happening right in our schools! We hurl stones at these sinners, coming right up.

She is my hero, and this is her song.

Oh man that’s quite a joke.

It’s all “Knock knock. Who’s there? Not a baby after all!”