Teen Titans GO! to the Movies: The Thread of In-Jokes and Meta-Humor

I can’t believe there’s not a thread for Teen Titans GO! to the Movies!

Saw it this weekend with my son and we both thought it was fantastic! It outdid the Lego Batman Movie in terms of humor, with some genuinely hilarious moments, and of course a lot of poking fun at superhero movies in general. Oh, and there was at least one cameo I never would have expected!

Highly recommended! Bring the kids, and make sure to stay for the credits!

I’m thinking about catching this on the weekend.

I saw this on Friday with my kids and loved it. Very funny and full of great superhero humor. Also a rather star-studded cast. The best is who they cast for Superman, though…

I’ve never heard of it. So it’s some kind of parody movie, like the Lego movies? Why is it called Teen Titans?


Wiki says it’s based on DC comics, and then there was a TV series that ran from 2003 and 2006, then got a TV movie, and now has a theatrical movie. Wow, so it’s a fairly old TV show. I bet its fans must have been pretty excited to see it come back after so many years.

Actually, Teen Titans Go! is a separate show that’s been airing more recently. It’s more cartoony and sillier.

So it definitely parodies the DC universe and comic books and movies in general, but it does it from the inside.

I agree with Andy: The movie was better than Lego Batman and had a lot of great moments. It feels like a pretty light movie–basically a long episode of the show, and maybe a little less inventive than the show because I think it’s trying to be a tad more broader in its reach–but that’s what I would expect anyway and it didn’t bother me. Definitely worth seeing!

Do you have Amazon Prime? Over here (UK) at least, the Teen Titans Go TV series are available on it. If you have the opportunity, have a look. The episodes are short, the humour is crazy. It’s a blast as a filler series. Adults and kids love it in our household.

It’s every bit as good as the original Teen Titan animated show in a completely different way.

That maybe true, but some of us still want season 6 and blame Teen Titans Go for the loss of Teen Titans!

There was a thing in the TT Go movie…

A teaser at the end seemed to imply that a new season of Teen Titans was coming.

Its possible, but seems unlikely. DC recently, and weirdly, renewed Young Justice after a several year hiatus:

Young Justice is more of a successor to the Justice League line, though.

TTG! is great, but I think 10-15 minutes is their sweet spot. [Ed. haven’t seen the movie, yet. But their multi-episode arcs aren’t as great.]


I really thought that this entire response was completely sarcastic. Poe’s Law strikes again!

I don’t think they would have put that teaser at the end if they weren’t at least considering it.

The BlackNerd review encapsulates my feelings about the movie:

It’s like this really weird thing that like nobody wants to be the first to admit that this movie was good, but once one person admits it, it’s like everyone says, “Oh I’m so glad you said that!”

Saw this with my kids yesterday. It was pretty good, the whole movie is basically jokes about the 80s and early 90s, and what a loser Robin is. Quality film, best DC superhero movie ever made by far.

I was never able to watch the GO version. May have to check it out.

My kid was a huge Robin fan and the original series launched at the right time for her. One of those rare shows we made sure we would be in front of the TV at first air time.

The best episode for me was Season 2, ep 1 where the guy comes back in time and forces them forward. I really thought the writing was superb for that one.

Saw it, enjoyed the heck out of it with the fam. We were rocking out to the soundtrack on the way home, I love the theme!

The final joke had my wife and I cracking up.