The hell?


— Alan

This very well might be the scariest film ever made, if you have a penis.

Paging Doctor Freud. Party of two for vagina dentata.

What about Hard Candy?

I have actually been hearing some great buzz about this movie. I will never see it though because I will prolly turn gay after watching it.

You guys are pussies.

It was filmed within miles of me… Now I’m going to have to lock my doors at night again.

Which is the irony, because it’s a movie about -

Oh, never mind.

Wait, this is real? When I saw the clip on break a while back I figured it was just a stupid humor clip like everything else there.

The big question is can she control the teeth or are they just a bear trap kind of thing.

All this girl needs is a boyfriend whose wang is made out of chewing gum.

I sense a Fantastic Four crossover…

I was hoping this would be a remake of the Hugh Gallagher novel.

Started seeing the 30-second TV trailer for it this weekend during football. Looks utterly horrific, and they seemed to have gone the horror route rather than a comedic one…

— Alan

This movie has become the main lunch table topic of discussion at my high school. I persist that the movie is actually a black comedy, but just advertised like a horror flick to freak people out. Even if you look at the movie poster listed on Wikipedia, it looks goofy, nothing like a ‘serious’ horror flick.

I also feel bad for the OB-GYN in the beginning of the trailer. He was trying to be kind, unless he like shows her his ‘special tool’ in the full movie.

Edit: This movie also needs a tie-in sequel with Juno, too.

I’m hoping the movie gives Lenny Voh Dohlen’s career a boost.

So where does she go for an annual? A GYN or a dentist? What if her vag teeth are crooked? Will she need braces? Does she have to brush them? Floss? I need details!

If they get dingy at all, I hear Crest Whitestrips really bring back that ol’ vag-tooth shine.

Shit, this post had me lol’ing out loud.

Isn’t that redundant?