Telephones are useless.

In the last hour I’ve gotten 3 calls from a fake number where a robot voice told my my social security number has been suspended.

I regularly get calls about the hotel stays I’ve won, some random lady prattling on in Chinese, threatening me with legal action over some bullshit, and so on. I don’t answer the phone anymore, and they fill up my voicemail. I want to turn off voice calls and voice mail, forever, but my cell company can’t do it.

I don’t get calls from real people anymore. They text me, or email me or slack me. If I had Facebook they’d message me there. When I want to speak to someone I use FaceTime. Voice calls are exclusively used for scams now. There’s no need for them anymore.

Change my mind.

I’ve been waiting a week for my landlord to get back to me about an issue he promised follow-up on the next day. One angry phone call later and the situation is headed towards a resolution. I’d probably still be waiting if I stuck with text and email.

Yeah I talk on the phone dozens of times a day. I couldn’t do my job (nor could most doctors) without the ability to pick up a phone and call someone.

The FCC was not able to go after some of these before. They can now but… keep expectations pretty low.

I think the tech professional take on phones (redundant compared to other communications methods) is very different than most of the rest of the working world.

Most of my crap calls are on my work phone. That’s where i discovered the Chinese calls are largely scar tactics for non-citizens in the country to pay up in order not to get exported. I am fortunate enough to have a co-worker who speaks Mandarin Chinese. I’ve never received one of these on my local number.

Is it a landline?

No, neither are, but I am told the handful of co-workers in the building with landlines get them on both. It seems to target the area code because there is a large Chinese population there.

The people in my department that still have landlines… fought for them after they were all taken away. I have no idea why. I would not want three phones. We are required to have the smartphones in order to have paging and DUO functionality so the landlines are just an added expense.

Yeah, if your work phone is a smartphone it seems insane to demand a landline.

I got at least one of these calls in Chinese per day for about a month, and then suddenly they stopped. No idea why.

Now I get calls trying to sell me health insurance. Which I get through my wife’s employer.

For the first Live year of my current career, my old site gave me a pager. You know the brick of plastic you carry around with like this screen that is capable of giving you usually not even the whole number at once… moving to a Smartphone away from that was a godsend. Also, my team… we don’t really get emergency. 100% of the time the emergency calls was for some other team.

Oh that’s new. I Haven’t received that one yet. I just get head hunters and “Windows Services” for my “Desktop computer” on my local.

I don’t know how much the FCC can do about companies clearly outside the US, but at least this gives them jurisdiction.

My phone is the device with which I play Star Trek Fleet Captains, and this is a thing I require for continued mental stability. So disagree, muy necesito.

How 1988 of them. Remember Alpha pagers?

When I worked for the Gubment doing classified stuff on classified systems, heck, we couldn’t even bring our cell in the building. Let alone have slack, basecamp, etc., etc., mounted on even the Unclassified Systems. Too many hacker-holes.

So combine that with the fact that it’s the easiest thing in the world to ignore an email, if I didn’t have a landline then, nothing would have gotten accomplished. Or Classified VOIP Phones for that matter. the other pain in the ass was having VOIPs needed for all three levels. Some assignments my desk was just a phone collection.

For me it still is, and has been for at least two years, nearly daily calls about ‘extended warranties’ for my, or my wife’s, car.

Every damn day.

I probably wound’t remember those. The adults in my life never had pagers. For all I know the ones I am talking about are the alpha, mono tone bricks.

Spok seems fine.

The best thing I can say about those pagers is their range seems… huge. Like there was one person on another team out of cellpone range but he could get a message on the pager… then he would drive a hill over and call the Help Desk to find out whether or not he needed to go to the site to work. I believe we also had a surgeon who had a house in the middle of nowhere that would get pages and couldn’t take calls.

It’s not hugely unusual, I had to fight to change the provider here… I am on a limited minutes plan. I didn’t even know that was still a thing, but at least i can take calls. I do most my communication through Skype, Zoom or Webec. Actual calls are rare.

Does your phone provider have an app like ATT’s Call Protect? It isn’t perfect but it catches a lot of spam calls for me. It also warns about telemarketers and makes it easy to block numbers.

We moved from area code 425 (Seattle Eastside) to area code 207 (Maine) about two years ago now. We both kept our cell phone numbers, which has honestly been a godsend, because we simply don’t answer calls from 425 anymore. We have yet to get any kind of spam/scam/telemarketing call from 207.

I do occasionally get the scam calls in Chinese (left on my VM), but that’s because of the PNW’s large Chinese population presumably. Even if I did switch to a 207 number, I’m pretty sure those guys aren’t going to target the whitest state in the country.

My husband got one of these on his voicemail and it’s the most hilarious thing we’ve ever heard. We kept a copy to listen to it every once in a while because it never fails to make us laugh. It says “You must respond to these allegations, before this matter goes to the courthouse, and we freeze your bank account, and suspend your social security number and get you arrested.” Yes, ALL of those things. Then it leaves the callback number and ends with “Make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested!”

It’s definitely the best scam call we’ve ever heard. It’s also very, very sad that people out there fall for it. :(

I have been getting the robovoice social security number suspension call. But I am Canadian. I don’t have a social security number to suspend. For one call, I decided to answer to see how far I could arring it along but the connection was so bad I just immediately hung up. One minute later, I get a call back. I just told the guy that of they were going to run a scam, they should get a better phone system. He just hung up on me without a word.

I have a landline for only one reason – I have a house that dates from the late 1800s, and I have three hardwired smoke detectors, and the security firm monitors them through the landline (as well as for break-ins). I don’t want to rely on battery powered smoke detectors when no one is home.

My wife and daughter get those calls. I don’t though, I don’t carry a phone.

Some 20+ years ago I read a book by Milton Friedman, the columnist, who predicted that the cell, that technology that would free man from the need to be in his office and would make all life simplier, would in fact do the opposite. It would make it possible for people, whether they be friends, fellow employees, your boss or junk calls, to find you no matter where you were. In essence, you were never truly out of your office or more than a ring away from crap.

I think time has proven him right.

We get the same scam phone calls from different phone numbers each time, even different area codes. Blocking numbers isn’t a very effective means to stop anything.