Tell Firaxis what you want from Future Civ IV Products

I said I wanted Star Trek and Star Wars fan nations. ;)

Heh, I’d like to see DeGaul added just so I could kick his arse. I’ve always thought since civ2/AC that it would be nice if they added in ocean techs and ocean based cities towards the Civ end game. It would add an extra dimension to the end, other than say diplomacy, space or world conquest.

Alpha Centauri 2

An AI plays to win option. Where starting to build space parts or having a city producing too much culture is tantamount to declaring war on everyone.

Why couldn’t I choose Medieval WMDs?

Like the Black Death?


I personally would like natural disasters to occur…like a huge meteor taking out the capital of a rival nation :)

I’m hoping they’ll give the religions more individual flavor.

  • Alan

But if they did, why would anyone ever want to research judaism? You’d practically be inviting disaster.

Money, of course.

This thread is going down one of those really bad roads

If I offended anyone with my comment, I’m sorry. My humor is obviously not everyone’s humor.

-Your straight-A student Asian, falafel-eating Turkish friend, Roger Wong.


And you can build the Hollywood wonder more cheaply.[/quote]

Can y’all move the religious bigotry to the P&R forum please?

It’s precisely because of comments like this that Sid and Soren have said, repeatedly, that all religions will be exactly the same. I agree with them, with one exception: I’d give religions that are founded late a few extra missionaries. This would help make them competitive with those that start thousands of years earlier.

Ah, so that explains why founding Judaism (the first monotheistic religion in Civ 4) doesn’t provide the same extra bonus as religions that are further up the tech tree.

I sort of agree, but as far as playbalance goes getting the early religions will always be the most common. Things like Islam and Christianity have a hard time spreading, and thus, have less value. While Buddhism and Hinduism will almost always be the world’s great religions, rather in contrast to real life. So, imo, having them give some benefits has some merit from the standpoint of playbalance, although of course it’s still not PC.

Buddhism +1 happy, -1 hammer
Hinduism +1 health, -33% missionary/spread chance
Judaism +20% city defense, -33% spread of other religion in your cities.
Taoism -50% Taoist temple costs.
Confucianism -1/2 gold upkeep per citizen, -50% Palace, Secret Palace costs
Christianity +2 unit exp, +2 beakers
Islam +2 culture, -50% missionary cost

Polynesia? Fucking Polynesia is a civ option but Poland isn’t?


Maybe I’m misreading you, but are you saying Christianity and Islam are more common worldwide than Buddhism and Hinduism in the real world?

Don’t see why not.

I want more time and effort spent on making the interface clear and useable. Dealing with a big stack of my units is an enormous fucking pain the way it is now, especially when loading shit into transports is a factor. I’d like, for example, the icon of a galleon in the unit icon strip (and its name in the info box to the lower left) to not only be accompanied by its current passengers, but to also be encompassed in a box (maybe of your faction color) that clearly indicates these units are travelling in it. It would also be nice to be able to see at a glance which units are grouped with other units, to not have to futz with those stupid white arrows to see all the icons in the unit icon strip, and to be able to auto-fort-til-healed all wounded units while simultaneously breaking them out of any groups or transports they may be in with a single command.

I’d also like to see this game and future games better optimized to run well. Complaints about this have been universal. Furthermore, a friend of mine suggested a “laptop mode” with vastly simpler graphics, and I think that would be GREAT. I’d also like an option that turns the units into instantly recognizable 2D icons.

Lastly, it’s nice to see games spend plenty of time in playtesting and QA. Not that Civ4 was a particularly bad offender there; I’m just sayin’.