Tell me if my Receiver or TV is the one dying?

I can live without a receiver… but I can’t live without a tv since I woudn’t be able to play xbox. So here’s the deal. In the last day or two I turn my Panasonic TV on, then I turn my Onkyo Receiver on, and then I turn my xbox 360 on. I get a no signal error from both the tv and Receiver when trying to play Xbox. I change to the DVD player and I get just a black screen with the giant “HDMI” on the upper left of the TV. SO the TV can post what channel it’s in just fine, but seems like no signal from the Receiver.

Then::::::: I have to shut the receiver on and off a bunch of times, cycle between all the devices, sometimes for 15 minutes before I finally get a signal and it works. Usually it’s the VCR that show up as usable first.

What I’ve done to troubleshoot:

  • Tested all HDMI cables = they’re perfectly fine
  • Well, that’s all I could do. I don’t know where to go from here.

Can anyone tell me what to do next - to narrow down which device is faulty? Hopefully I’ve got some of of warranty on them still and maybe I can even fix it myself!??

What happens if you take the receiver out of the equation and just plug the 360 directly in? If it works then it’s presumably the receiver that isn’t working right.

Am I missing something? You haven’t tried plugging things directly into the TV to figure out if it’s the receiver?

Plug the xbox directly into the TV. If that works, it’s probably the receiver. If it doesn’t, plug something else directly into the Tv. If that works, it’s probably the Xbox. If it doesn’t, it’s probably the TV.

And do all this tomorrow. Not tonight.

It’s probably Lupus.

Its never Lupus.

You might need a new HDMI daughterboard. My Onkyo 606 often takes a minute or more to “warm up” before I see an HDMI signal. I need to send it in for repair before my two year warranty expires. It’s such a common issue with Onkyo receivers, someone posted a DIY at avsforum.

Looks at Onkyo receiver in living room Oh, super.

Brace yourself. I got my brother an Onkyo for Christmas last year and when we tried to wire it up, that particular board blew out for no apparent reason. I believe he’s still in the RMA process.

It seriously took over a year to get a replacement?

It took nearly a year to get off his ass and redo his entertainment center. I’m reluctant to blame him, since I helped him do it and wouldn’t have wanted to myself. It broke within a few hours of setting it up, though it did work for a while.

Oh, it took him a year to get around to RMAing it. That’s fine, then.

I got an onkyo HTiB about a year ago, and it had some strange HDMI issues. The first time I powered everything on, the signal was fine. If I switched between different inputs, I lost the HDMI signal and never got it back (until I pulled all the plugs and re-seated). Sound like it could be a similar issue. I figured it was my TV, and worked out a way around it using other inputs, hoping it would go away when I buy a new TV and that my receiver will still work. Sounds like I might need to replace both eventually.

Thank you. I have a 606 and that is it exactly. I wonder how good/bad Onkyo is going to be with RMA’ing.

Several years ago Onkyo moved their manufacture of many low- to mid-range units to Malaysia, and quality control became an issue. My TX-844 that I bought in 1990 is still going strong without any repairs, but the TX-8511 I bought in 2005 or so burned up after less than a year. The repair guy said there had been bad solders all through it.

But I still bought my Onkyo A-9555S integrated amp, which was made in Japan, and it’s rock-solid. So avoid anything made outside of Japan!

How did you know ahead of time? I need to start being more aware of things like that.

…I don’t remember. Maybe I didn’t know ahead of time, and relied (perhaps unwisely) on the fact that it was a higher-end, more exotic product.

But you could find out place of manufacture by going to Best Buy and looking at the back of a display unit, or by writing to Onkyo USA.

When I called Onkyo, they said to use the website to find a local service center. Unfortunately for me, the closest service center is too far to drive to, so I’ll have to ship it. I just need to stop procrastinating and do it.