Tell Me Why - by DONTNOD (2020)

Xbox One, PC, Xbox Game Pass and Steam in Summer 2020.

The Steam reviews will be atrocious.

If that is the case, it probably says more about Steam or gamer toxic culture rather than the game itself.

The game looks very interesting, let’s see if they can outdo LiS.

I hope they also worked closely with game devs this time around. Life is Strange wasn’t a game.



That’s said I think they sort of missed the ships they launched by making LiS2 about some guys. I don’t think they should have continued with the same settings and characters but still with female protagonists. The lesson they apparently learned, interestingly, is that LiS is about LGBTQ characters. Which, considering how it all started (basically fandom and a couple of lines of dialog) is interesting enough.

Also LiS is the best walking simulator of all time - though apparently only a lucky few have the patience for what amounts to a three and a half episode build up - but Before the Storm’s way better animations make the non mocap parts of LiS 1 stiff.

Some of the most engaging and powerful pc titles I’ve ever played have been interactive storytelling or walking simulators. I think it’s kind of rude to diss on some of the most creative and stunning games to have graced us over the past decade. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture still haunts me like nothing else, and Life is Strange was fantastic.

Now if you want to crap all over free-to-play mobile “games” I’ll join your chorus.

Fully agree.
Interactive movies, just like the Telltale ones.

Which honestly I have no problem with, if the stories are good and interesting. And I did find the story interesting in LiS.

Those darn toxic gamers!
<insert angry fedora gif here<

I’m curious if they somehow manage to make it good again, or if it will just be inclusivity for its own sake.
In LiS, they did manage to make good, relatable characters (not all of them, but which media product succeeds across the board…) and not just “I’m LGTBQ because representation” hollow cutouts.

Also great that they seem to want to release all episodes at once or at least very close together. This episodic format over lengthy periods has never worked for me. Or just lead to me waiting until it is all done and sold at a discount together.

Hahaha. Good one.

Well i’m basically holding on to my PS4 just to play LiS2…which i still haven’t gotten around to yet. Once my PS4 backlog is done i’m not sure i’ll have another console for awhile, especially when the Apple TV is good enough for some intermittent arcade gaming.

LiS hurts so good because it’s basically a David Lynch esque 90s letting go of childhood simulator pretending to be in the 2010s, so that’s right up my alley. It’s funny reading reviews that often young people can’t even tell when the game was set because it’s so threaded with 90s tropes but apparently set 20 years later that it seems entirely mixed up to them.

This is why i actually liked Heavy Rain and, to a lesser extent, Beyond: Two Souls. Cage is more than a bit of a hack at times but those games perfectly capture that “reminisces of things past” nostalgia of childhood homes - at least for those moments when they are set in suburban homes, anyway. Basically if David Cage made a 90s inspired high school drama set some time in the autumn it might be the best thing he’ll ever make.