Tell me your PS4 exclusives

continuing the search for exclusive PS4 games (since I am a new PS4 owner)

suggestions from the old thread as I remember

The Last of Us remastered
The Order 1886
Until Dawn

no love for Earth Defense Force 4.1 ?

Ps4 has almost no true exclusives.

You can add some more if you accept games that are also on Vita. Be careful though as these tend to be vita games that look and play like vita games, even on ps4, just for $10-20 more with the ps4 version.

You can add some more if you accept games that aren’t on PC.

The only one i have to add is: Star Ocean 5. A pretty solid B grade JRPG.

The order is decent if you can get it super cheap, but otherwise, i would not recommend it. Very short, very average fps with high production values. At the time, the graphics were truly next generation, but it probably falls behind games like witcher 3 these days if you have a pretty good PC.

Uncharted is of course a big sony franchise and #4 came out recently. I’m not a fan of it personally, GREATLY preferring last of us, but a lot of people like it.

I played the 1st uncharted from begin to end, it was great. I played 2 and 3 maybe to 60% … I noticed that they took themself way to serious… so I got bored, also the bullet sponges. So I am not rushing for UC4, also I learned that in UC4 there is a scene where Drake and his girl friend to the dishes in their house, play playstation games, I don’t have time for this relationship stuff in a game ;)

How about Disgaea 5, or if you accept games that are also on PS3 and Vita - Odin Sphere Leifthrasir?

A few more coming up soon though, with Persona 5, Final Fantasy 15, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Infamous is a pretty cool open world superhero/shooter game. I think it’s also worth checking out Destiny on PS4.

I still haven’t played it. It only just came out in Europe a few months back and was practically full price, which I couldn’t really justify for something that’s basically the same as all the other EDF’s I own. It’s now received a hefty price cut though (£15.99 on PSN), so thanks for reminding me! Not sure when I’m going to find time to play it though.

Limiting myself to currently released, true exclusives that haven’t been mentioned yet

  • Driveclub is a great racing game, though the studio was shut down so it’s not clear how much longer it’ll be kept online.
  • Ratchet & Clank is a reboot of the series that’s technically based on the movie but self-contained enough that you wouldn’t know it. Really enjoyable action platformer.
  • MLB The Show is the best sim-style baseball series and the career mode is excellent.

Isn’t this on x box too?

What!? Oh, you’re right - I thought it was exclusive. That means I may hold out for PC version!

It is, but newbrof clarified upthread (at least on the other forum, I’m too lazy to see if it made it over here) that he’s not going to buy a Xbox One, so something that’s not on the PC is good enough to be an exclusive for him.

Let’s be sure not to forget PT which you can never download again thanks to Konami.

nobody told me about Odin Sphere Leifthrasir… ok, technically it is not exclusive to the PS4, because there is a PS3 version out… I noticed the QT3 frontpage games podcast. Also I think Tom did a live stream, going to check it.

I did!

I don’t know if i would call early 2017 soon for Persona 5 worldwide release.

Like I mentioned in the last thread, if you like beat 'em ups / character action games then wait for Nioh (possibly a timed exclusive) and Nier: Automata (almost certainly exclusive).

2016 is almost over already! ;)

But is that Early 2017 even a ‘worldwide’ release? I think its the US release - ROW doesn’t have a date at all yet. :(

Having done almost nothing but play EDF 4.1 all weekend, I think it has to go on the list. On the other hand, how is a company that keeps making the same game so bad at making that game? Some of the missions are just painfully awful and it has that terrible Japanese UI times infinity.

Played EDF this weekend, too. I like it that you can replay missions on harder difficulties to loot better weapons… also that the weapons you can find are always for your current class… and that you can use it immediate without requirements! Oh that shotgun against spiderwebs so effective…

it is very cheesy, but I like that more than the seriousness of Diablo III

Well, this is annoying.

I got it on a sale recently for 20 bucks… the PC version is a bit too expensive. I wonder if it has same amount of screen tearing or if it is fixed…