Tell us about an obscure album you absolutely love

Dude, the Haunted and the Ugly Ducklings are two of my favorite garage bands. “1-2-5” is a perfect fucking song, though of the three versions I’ve heard one is a lot better than the others. And “She Ain’t No Use To Me” is crying out to be covered. “She is like the sting without the bee/ Yeaaaaah, she ain’t no use to me.”

Oh, and I have that Gruesomes live album — they really ignite on that. IIRC it’s their last-ever show?

If your father-in-law has any Les Lutins, you should check them out too. Canadian 60s garage, sing in French, swagger like hell.

Wall of Voodo, “Call of the West”

man I love that crap.

MUSIK by Slumber Party, all-girl alt band out of Detroit.

Meander + Return by C-Clamp.

Knocking the Skill Level by Garden Variety.

Those are two albums that were really formative for me, musically.

Still one of my most favorite albums of that late-'80’s era. “Crash” and the title track especially (the keyboard break in the middle of the song is just awesome) are favorites. When I bought my first CD player in 1989, this disc and the repacked 2fer CD of Big Star’s first two lps were by premier purchases.

My album of the year is 35 years old: Colour Green by Sibylle Baier. Songs so soft and quiet you’d think she was suicidal and/or on downers, but I find them uniquely sweet and soothing. Call her the female German Nick Drake.

Here’s someone’s DIY video for the saddest song on the album. They’re not all sad like that, but this should give you the sound.

Did you ever hear Aliens Ate My Buick by Dolby? Probably 1986 or so. It’s got some interesting stuff on it. My favorite track is “Keys to Her Ferrari,” which has a killer bass line. Very nice big-band swing.

Yeah, I’m familiar with most of Dolby’s stuff up through Astronauts & Heretics. I think Aliens Ate My Buick is uneven, but it does contain Budapest By Blimp, which is on my short list for best Dolby song ever.

I believe so, yes, but there’s been rumours of a possible reunion and tour. I’ve heard tell that Deja Voodoo has played a few gigs recently as well.

I think the OP is calling for a CD that BECAME obscure after release. Falco3 certainly isn’t obscure, since it had a hit song. But no one talks about it now.

So I’ll go with Jethro Tull: Benefit. This is a masterpiece, but for some reason it seldom makes the Best Album lists for most people. This is Tull’s best album, IMO.

If you want truly obscure: Bouffant Jellyfish: A Band from Texas Fortunate Enough to Go to Kansas

Lou Reed - Live In Italy

Hedwig and the Angry Inch - Cast Recording

I’m not sure if these adhere to “obscure” but since most never listened to these and I found them to be wonderific I thought it best to share them:

World of Noise
by Everclear
Raw, unproduced recording with powerful lyrics and catchy riffs, made in a time shorty after Art Alexaki’s drug problem and his career at it’s end. I really wish they kept this sound, as I can’t stand their recent work.

One Foot in the Grave
by Beck
Another early days recording, this time hippie like and folksy. Typical Beck, in that it’s always weird and different than his other works.