Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)

Post your beautiful photographic works here please!

Joke thread fail. Show us your picture you have taken recently (that’s interesting)

As long as he has clothes on!!

Too many threads! Don’t know where to post!

I mostly take pictures of the kids and babies in my life. Every now and then, I get something nice.

Hehe, cute kid pics are the best. Here’s one of my daughter just hanging out and being cool.

Here’s one of my son at about 7 months.

The thread title specified interesting pictures but all I see are babies…

I’m ad-blocking the babies, waiting till something interesting shows up.

I like this one because hardcore drinking makes toddlers extra cute.

Looking straight down the outside of Giotto's Campanile - Wikipedia

that shirt would be awesome if it said “meh”, not so much if it said “heh”


It’s just an iPhone photo, but it’s the Great Belt where I spread my fathers ashes from a boat this sunday - taken just a few hours later.

For EpicBoy


From the Winter Frop Bog we finally finished. And nope, I didn’t put her there. Couldn’t believe she was sitting there when I went out to check on the bog.

Sleepfighter, i want your camera.

S! Hanzii. I’ve spread ashes before, hope your experience was cathartic.

Hey EpicBoy, you can’t hide.

By air:

By sea:

And brand new the day I took this, by ground (This was maybe his fifth step ever):

From someone who lost their father only a few years ago, your pic brought a tear to my eye. It makes me want to revisit my fathers resting place. What a fittingly beautiful pic.

Might be redundant, but this is the official thread - and lights!