Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


We have some great birds here. As you can imagine, most of my best photos tend to be of raptors and other large tweety critters, because getting a decent photo of those tiny jobbies that flit between shaded branches yields a much lower success rate.

White-bellied sea eagle

Red-tailed black cockatoo (female)

Magpie geese silhouette


Of course, and I’m honored that you like my travels.

Let me know if this link works:


Holy smokes that picture is awesome on a 2-monitor setup. Spreads all out. Fabulous. Thanks for asking Triggercut & Hal9000 - thank you for that picture!


It does! I also had to use a 2 monitor setup to get it to display in native resolution, but as Tman said, holy crap is it awesome.

Thanks to you for sharing your work!


Oh, and I wanted to put this in a separate post and not the last one, but thanks to all the folks sharing their work in this thread. You all are ridiculously talented in ways that I can’t even fathom. I don’t comment much here, but I’m fascinated by photographs and composition and everything that goes into them, and when I see this thread bumped with new photos, I always get a little anticipatory adrenaline shot, knowing I’m about to see something pretty awesome.


It is an epic panoramic shot that shows the importance of great light. How did you take it?


I agree with Triggercut! This thread always makes my day! Alan’s photos cause me a lost of wistful moments, though. ;)

TC, Tman, and KK thank you very much! I’m surprised and honored. That panorama was 21 separate shots. There was a little bit of smoke and a little bit of humidity, so I took a chance and clicked the ol’ shutter button. Honestly, though, it’s not due to my own talent. The Wind River Range is simply the most stunning range I’ve ever hiked.

How can I get it large images to stretch across 2 monitors on Windows 7? Sorry for that noob question. I’ve seen pictures on this thread that I’d like to do that with!


More critters…

Eastern reef egret (white form) about to take off

Eastern reef egret (white form) in flight

Saltwater crocodile basking warily


Krayzkrok, those are awesome photos.


Thanks Tim. Here’s another couple from this morning. I actually missed a classic shot as I was walking the dog; an agile wallaby with a pair of bush stone curlews standing right in front of it. By the time I grabbed by camera, the wallaby had gone, but the curlews hadn’t moved an inch (they’re a bit like that).

Then I checked in on Esther, our female saltwater crocodile. She was trying to look discrete.


The only native way to get multi display spanning on Win 7 is to choose to TILE the wallpaper picture in settings. That’s not exactly a great fit all the time.

Otherwise, you need a utility that lets you span displays properly. Here’s one:

Of course, you can alternatively dive right into your free Windows 10 upgrade, et voila, integrated display spanning.


Bless you, mono! Grace, grace to it! I downloaded the program, as my Windows 7 is fantastic, and so far my other machine with Windows 10 is less fantastic. :D

This has revolutionized my life!


Ha! Well, glad I could point you in the right direction. :) It’s a great little app.


Silhouettes of red-tailed black cockatoos in flight.

Rainbow bee eater; kept taking off and landing on this branch, always in a slightly different position but I was trying for ages to get a flight shot. Didn’t really get a good one.

One of about a million magpie geese that erupted from the lake and flew overhead, setting sun in background hence the light.


krazykrok, that picture of Esther still amazes me. I often see wild animals when I’m out on hikes, but I only take a light, cheap lens with me because, well, every ounce matters. Then I see the wild [I]variety [/I] of animals you have, and I realize I see like…5 different types, and I don’t mind as much.

That curlew is cute, BTW.


Never did post my Alaska pics, will have to do that.

Joshua Tree with extra sensor dust!

Full set:

Rainbow Basin:

Full set:


Wow, you really confused me there for a second!
Seemed like you were implying that those pics were taken in Alaska & I couldn’t believe that its THAT bloody dry up there in the north.

(Hey, I’m a foreigner & all I know is that Joshua Tree is a U2 Album and Rainbow Basin doesn’t ring any bells)


I’m always hesitant to post here because there are so many photographers here who have eclipsed my level of talent… But I took these last night.

Eclipse HDR composite by DennyA, on Flickr

LunarEclipse 2015-09-27 by DennyA, on Flickr


Wow, that first one is really amazing. It really articulates the idea of a sphere coming out from behind a shadow, if that makes any sense. Fine, fine work.


Nice pics!