Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Kadath, is that one that looks like a skull famous? It should be. Looks like a super villains lair.


I was about to say that it looks like he’s found one of the Old Gods. Cool formation.

And great photos Denny. I was all ready to photograph it down here, and then I slept through it (tough day).


Went to a small horror\mask con a couple weeks back. I’m not that good with a camera, but I enjoy it anyhow. Plus, 'tis the season for creepiness!

This one seems to be most people’s favorite, although if you click through to the full set, I loved the sad alien.

IMG_6322 by Ish, on Flickr


Kadath, those are some awesome formations! Love that skull thing.

nijimeijer, well that’s pretty freaky! O_0


It’s too bad kadath wasn’t able to get a shot of a Tusken Raider in his natural habitat.


Image dump time. Over 166-miles worth of hikes here. Sadly I jacked up my knee in a huge bolder field. It keeps bleeding subdermally on the downhill segments, so I’m going to be taking the winter off. :( Anyway, this is all in the Wind River Range! Hope they inspire you to do some exploration of one of the USA’s best kept (and biggest) mountain range secrets.

A stormy night above the tree line.

Washakie Park

Mount Geikie


Pyramid Lake has golden trout but they were not biting.

Big Sandy, caught a bunch of brookies there.

East Temple Peak below Deep Lake

Haystack Mountain

Lake 10954 (I think I posted this before?)

Wolf’s Head and Pingora Peak. This reminds me of an angel’s wing.


Also I had elk bugling and walking by my tent in the Washakie drainage. That was pretty cool. :)


Damn Hal9000, I might have lots of great wildlife outside my door, but there isn’t anywhere that looks remotely like that. Beautiful photos, and great light.


It’s funny that you mention that, because I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the elk and only got one picture of a moose at 1/2 a mile…and I was thinking about your shots of wildlife. :( I told my hiking partner about your shots and she had no sympathy. But she only had her phone, so there ya go. :P

I’d really like to photograph some pikas and marmots, but I guess I’ll really have to invest in the gear and be willing to carry the weight!

Thanks, though. It’s been a great summer and fall for hiking.

EDIT: Here is a pic of my moose shot to show you just why I envy yours so much.

That speck…yep, that’s my wildlife shot. : - /


I’ve photographed pikas and marmots… they aren’t all that cool :)

— Alan


Alan! No! You can’t say that! They’re the cutest things in the world! Pikas harvest bouquets even! Of course they also make that horrible “Meeenehhh” sound. I had one post outside of my tent in a rock field and chirp at me all night. Grew to hate those little lagomorphs in the course of one night. /hypocrisy


Beautiful Hal9000 - can I get a hi-res of Mount Geikie?


I love this picture. Not only because it is gorgeous, but also because it calls to mind a shot from the 20:20 Frame Game in the Movie forum.

And then it makes me think of the movie I thought that movie was, incorrectly, Never Cry Wolf.

Beautiful picture. The colors are amazing.



See what I mean? Boring. (This was at Glacier.)

Also: not really what you want to see when you’re doing a number one…

— Alan


Tman, check your notifications! : )

xtien, being out there above the trees, in a storm at night, with just a rain-fly and a tent wall…it’s amazing. The only sounds are the wind howling through the peaks thousands of feet above and sometimes a boulder crashing down. And no one is around for miles. It’s amazing how ineffective that little Mountainsmith tent is if you think about it. It somehow makes my life richer and more meaningful. Also, I feel like I’m a part of the 20:20 and that’s just the best.

Alan, look at him! How can you not love the little feller? It’s so hard not to feed them. : (


I love this post, Hal9000. It really takes me back to my boyhood, when camping was our main form of vacationing. It evokes two trips in particular. One driving from Colorado to New Mexico, where we camped out in the flats and the wind blew so hard my stepdad thought for sure we were in for a tornado. He said the next morning, “I kept listening for the sound of a train, because that’s how you know it’s a tornado.”

The other trip was up in the mountains on horseback. It was a men-of-the-church retreat where kids and their fathers rode horses up into the mountains and camped for a few days. There was one day in particular that sticks in my mind. Riding my horse in the line, letting him pick his way down the trail as we crested the ridge just above the treeline, when a thunderstorm kicked up. It was terrifying watching that lighting in the distance, worried that my horse was going to spook but trying to be careful not to convey fear through my body, feeling that really hard, cold rain on my face, the sound of the drops on my hat and my slicker. It was so scary, and so exhilarating.

Actually, your description reminds me of something else too. A couple weeks ago we went off to a wedding in Big Bear. We stayed at a friend’s cabin (in the woods) and the silence was just amazing. But also weird to some. It’s weird how loud silence can be when you live in a place of constant noise.

Anyway, again, I love that picture and I love your description.



You all make me want to go camping! In the wind, cold and snow. It’s funny to think that I miss that sometimes, because it’s always so warm and sunny here. I mean seriously, every single day it’s warm and sunny, although sometimes it’s raining… hard. But as the year comes to its close, my body which was raised in the UK, expects to see the shortening days, the cooling weather, the rain showers and the first signs of snow… and yet it does the exact opposite. After nearly 20 years I still can’t get used to it, and there’s a real sense of homeliness about going back to Europe to see my family at Christmas. Although, that’s not happening this year alas.

Anyway, sorry, getting all nostalgic there.

I love your moose shot, Hal9000! It’s… well, it’s in its natural environment, innit? I mean it’s going to look much further away with a wide-angle lens, and even a moderate telephoto would likely present an interesting composition. I’m only using a 70-300 lens for most of the time, it’s not that heavy either, the trick is getting closer to the subject. I was all set a few months ago to buy myself something like a 150-500 mm telephoto lens (and I still might!) but I’ve been surprised by what I’ve been able to achieve with the 70-300. I rarely take it off.


Speaking of animals, last year I went to the Omaha Zoo in-between storm chases and as expected saw some pretty interesting things. The Omaha Zoo is one of the best zoos in the US, right behind San Diego and probably the National Zoo, and at the time I happened to have my rental zoom with me. Just today reminded myself I still needed to go through these and outside of a Snow Leopard hadn’t really paid attention to them. Damn that zoom is an awesome piece of glass. Here’s a preview…

The detail is pretty stunning in full res. That’s what you get for a $2400 lens.

— Alan


What lens is that Alan?


Nikon f/2.8 70-200.

— Alan