Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


That is really cool, Reemul.



We’ve been steadily befriending neighborhood kids for the past few years, and we live in a nice neighborhood. Put the two together, and we’ve been pretty lucky. The younger ones have now grown up with our yard, so hopefully they’re keeping any jerk friends they may have at bay. When tearing down this year, for example, a bunch of kids ran over because they’d been hanging out with us as we put the yard together. So, we got free child labor with the cleanup, which was nice.

We also chain all of the figures (which are not light to begin with) to a couple of things in the yard that won’t move, so they can’t be taken, and we put up a token fence around the whole thing. While it’s literally just some lightweight painted PVC poles and slim chain (essentially bike chain), we think it largely has a similar effect on people that putting wire up to stop cows has.

My wife stays paranoid throughout the month, but I’m always more optimistic, and we’ve not had troubles. I like to believe that even assholes stop for a moment and appreciate our yard, because it’s fun and cool.


[B] Reemul[/B], that is awesome! It must be pretty cool to be appreciated like that!


Reemul that is an excellent story!


That’s very cool indeed! Could you repost that particular picture?


Sure it is this one.

Moors Valley


Thanks! Lovely picture, great colours!


74, still rockin’:

“I love it when women scream my name, it makes me feel like I’m 70 again.” - Neil Diamond


That looks like such a nice, crisp, free time of year. I love the outdoors so stinking much.


Flooding in the Snoqualmie Valley in Washington. My commute is going to suck tomorrow; the vertical pic is the route half the people in town take, so there’s only one way out now.

Duvall Flood 11/15/15 by DennyA, on Flickr


Pretty impressive shots. Did you fire up the jet pack to get these pics?

Tomorrow might be a good day to work from home!


Denny is one of those guys with those sucky annoying drone thingees :)

— Alan


I always felt a bit too intimidated to post here due to the fantastic pictures people put up, but hey. I got really lucky with a sunset a few weeks ago.

0506 by spunior, on Flickr

(Same motif, slightly different perspective and a bit more panoramic.)


Wow! Didn’t know you could get sunsets like that in Germany!


Great shot and colours


Yeah, JD, we need a jaw-drop icon. Perfect subject and lighting. Truly stunning.


Back in October I’d wanted to do one last long hike, but I didn’t have enough time. Instead, I took a friend and we did a 20-mile day hike. It was nice to see this area in late fall, and the temperatures were great, mid-40s. Met a couple of gals from Fort Collins who were also out for one last foray.

In previous years I’ve gone snowshoeing up into the mountains during the winter, but since I slightly jacked up my knee this summer, that’s not going to be happening. Guess these will be my last pics for a while! Interesting factoid: I hiked the Snowy Range up to 12,000 feet on November 16th last year and never had to use snowshoes. All the lakes were frozen well enough that I was able to save time by going across them.

[B]Big Sandy Lake and Temple Peak. [/B]

[B]Haystack Mountain and Clear Lake[/B]


We have been having some amazingly warm weather, it’s been warmer at night than it would normally be in the day in December.

This was taken on Xmas Eve at our beach hut.

Sun Down 3 (1 of 1)


Back in North Texas for the holidays and the weather has been exceptionally warm; 70s all week, though that will be ending today with a massive system coming in tonight.

Admittedly haven’t been doing too much of photography, or maybe a bit just haven’t done a lot of processing. A few recent goods:

— Alan


That appears to be the most relaxed bison (buffalo? furry cow?) ever! Nice shots as always, Alan.