Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


A few pics from a recent trip to the Salton Sea, which really does look like something out of Fallout.


This is great. Where was it taken?


Looks like Estes, but anywhere in the Rockies of Colorado or Wyoming.


[B]Gordon, [/B]I saw your pics as I was scrolling, but not your comment, and I started singing “Anything Goes” in my head. :D


It’s actually Idaho–Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve.

— Alan


Some recents:

— Alan


Oooh wee do I like that very last picture, Alan. I feel like I have to post that because I’m somewhat guilty about how biased I am against your super vibrant blue sky photos.


It’s freakin’ cold in Michigan right now, which makes this the perfect time for an ice sculpture festival! Here’s all the pictures I took this afternoon, while freezing my fingers off. A few of my favorites:

[I]Ice Yoda wins, of course![/I]

[I]The Grand Budapest Hotel was the most intricate sculpture that I saw.[/I]

[I]I think this is a wishing well. The pennies frozen in the bottom is a nice touch.[/I]

[I]The 20-year-anniversary sculpture in front of the Van Andel Arena.[/I]


A few photos from my recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Ox cart silhouette at sunrise

Dusty ox carts at sunrise

Morning light over the lotus fields

Sunset on the Mekong

One night in Phnom Penh


Awesome pictures, guys. Krayzkrok, you could easily sell the oxcart and Phnom Pen photos to stock photo services.

Went whale watching last week in Hawaii. Still awaiting the elusive full-breach shot.

This whale was <50 feet from the boat and swam under us:
UpClose by DennyA, on Flickr

Two males fighting over a female. (That’s the second whale’s tail on the left.)
Whale Fight 1 by DennyA, on Flickr

The whale in back pops up for a look:
Chase by DennyA, on Flickr

Female slapping her pectoral fin to get attention (it’s mating season):
Slapping the pectoral fin by DennyA, on Flickr

A different female slapping her tail to get noticed:
Tail-slapping by DennyA, on Flickr

Lahaina Harbor:
Lahaina harbor by DennyA, on Flickr


Denny, those pictures are whale-ly good. Clearly not a fluke. You must have been krilled to see them.

Sorry, I’ll stop. :)

I have some whale pics as well somewhere, but I took about 12,000 photos in Antarctica so it’ll take a while to sort through them!


So ladyface and I both love [B]Longmire.[/B] We stopped by Valles Caldera on our roadtrip and hoofed it to the cabin (closed to vehicles) at the time. Tragically, my Canon’s battery died, so it was back to cellphones for that portion. We also saw a bunch of other places, such as Shiprock and Kasha-Katuwe (recommended!) Tent Rocks.

These are not nice photos, but if you’re looking for something fun to do, I’d recommend a visit to any of these sites. [U] I apologize for the selfie-ish nature of them.[/U] We did this for memories and weren’t in it for the landscapes so much; she took pics of me with her phone, and vice versa. Be glad you’re not seeing my mug! We also hit up South Fork, CO, Treasure Falls, Four Corners, Mesa Verde, Los Alamos, Bandalier, Rio Grande, Taos, and Angel Fire.


Longmire Cabin:

[B]Tent Rocks (much more massive than they look; I didn’t get any pics of the slot canyons, but they’re awesome):[/B]





Those puns were so bad, I thought I’d killed the thread.


Ok, here’s a few of them.

Type B killer whales, very hard to get decent photos of these guys, but awesome to see them.

Humpback whale, tail fluke prior to diving

Humpback whale, another tail fluke from above

Large adult humpback whale resting on the surface

Peale’s dolphin breaking the surface while bow-riding

Humpback whale screwing around (this is from the Kimberley, Western Australia)

Humpback whale breaching (along from the Kimberley)

Humpback whale having a… wait for it… whale of a time (also Kimberley)

Humpback feeding on krill (back to Antarctica), black & white treatment

Jaws of a humpback whale about to engulf some poor krill, clearing saying “SHIT! Get the hell out of here!”


Thanks for sharing, those are awesome!


A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I went to Death Valley for the superbloom (among other things). Wish we stayed there longer but only had a day+ to do stuff. On this first photo if you look really close near the bottom you can see two people for scale:

Also been trying to identify the tail markings on this F-18 that showed up over Badwater Basin one day but without much luck. The paint scheme appears to be a little unusual (black tail and what appears to be a black spine). Anyone have any idea?

— Alan


Navy VX-9 Test Squadron out of China Lake.


Very jealous, Alan! Awesome pics.


Few more from Death Valley:

— Alan