Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Here’s something that might be interesting for some of you.

This is an online survey with 5 real and 5 “fake” pics. Can you spot the photoshopped ones? (survey takes about 10min)

I thought I’m generally quite savvy with these things, but only got 8/10!


Beautiful photos @Alan_Dunkin

@Cormac challenge accepted! I’m at work now but eager to test myself on this. I’m a graphic designer and have done a lot of photo manipulation over the years!


Good luck!
Its a pity they don’t show you WHAT was changed in the pics and just give you a yes or no answer afterwards.


Oh that’s a shame!


Meh, 6 of ten. I do nothing with photography, though, so I am using that as my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!


I got 7/10 which is rubbish according to IGN! Some were blindingly obvious, while a good chunk of the others were very subtle.


4/10 here, and I said up front that I figured 90% of photos I see online are photoshopped.


On my second pass I only got 7/10 as well. Like you said, some were very subtle. Would’ve been good if they went back and showed you WHAT was changed in the fotos (also the changes aren’t always the same, if you do a second pass).


Ah, that’s interesting. Stops folk gaming it. Wouldn’t mind another crack at it.


7 or 10 here - though it seems I was over-thinking a couple of the images.


I got 8 of 10, nailing all the altered ones, but naming two unaltered ones incorrectly. Some were just reasonable guesses, some were blindingly obvious.

I said that 95% of the images I see are digitally altered, but I work in print, so that’s actually true.


Hm… How are you guys linking photos to Discourse? Linking my Google Photos doesn’t work, just ends up breaking them (see below). Maybe try Flickr?

New photo by Joshua Naumann


IMG_2534 by genevostok, on Flickr

IMG_2216 by genevostok, on Flickr




Nice! Where was that?


That last picture with the house … I want to live there.
Great photos…if they’re recent, I assume the southern hemisphere … since the people are wearing heavy clothing this time of year ? or at least it looks like they are.

Fantastic looking place. I’m jealous.


Gotta be Iceland


Cool photos of the Thunderbirds, @Kadath. I have controlled for them a few times. Nice folks but obviously not a good time to pull out a camera.


Snowy Mountains about 2.5 hours north of Denver. I was doing some Tenkara fishing, took a quick nap, then woke up near dawn to take this.


Thanks for the kind words Hal! I have never seen nor shot the Milky Way. Hope to fix that some time!


The local zoo has some red pandas, which spend most of their time sleeping in their little covered enclosure, but the other day, they were out and about. I only had my cell phone with me, but it’s still a pretty decent portrait.