Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


I forgot to mention that that photo (and photos like it) blow my mind. I’m yet to see the night sky like that!


I can’t see red pandas. Only a do not enter icon. Your picture isn’t for public view?


Drat, I could have sworn I set it to public.

Alternately, maybe the zoo has been lying to me about what constitutes a red panda.

Edit: it should now be a picture of a red panda, rather than merely a red symbol.


I like red pandas they are like chinese raccoons but they don’t get in my garbage.


Yet another powerful owl with a sad dead ringtail possum that wasn’t fast enough.


They’re just hugging. They’re friends.


Summer holiday on a Narrowboat on the Kennett and Avon canal. Met this gent while mooring up and gave him a hand. Shot as he sailed away.


Thanks @geggis . They are usually very clear above 13K and a hundred miles from the nearest 100K+ pop centers. :)

@Fishbreath, I love this critters! I need to see if the Denver Zoo has them.


The photo below was taken by my son who is 10 on his point and shoot camera with a x30 zoom. Very little editing done and was shot in jpeg rather than raw. AT this year’s Bournemouth Air Festival.

Red Arrows


Very nice, looks like a painting!


Thread needs a bump! Not the best photos, but these were taken 3 weeks ago during a quick trip to the high country.

I had 3 hours of one day and sunrise to sunset of the next to complete this 27-miler through the snow, followed by a 7-hour drive back home. Work the next day was roooough.


Never stop sharing your pictures Hal, I love 'em and one of these days they’ll inspire me to try something similar. Spectacular.


LIKE. Yes @Hal9000 never stop sharing. I still have your wind river range as my desktop ;-)


@Tman and @geggis, thanks, yall!

You know, my aim is ultimately to share memories that encourage others to explore the vast wilds, so both of your thoughts really touched me. I find the outdoors so very therapeutic, and like many, I have come to believe that this obscure, huge range is perhaps the finest alpine wilderness in all of the Americas. And dang if it ain’t good the the ol’ brain!

(Yes, although the studies focus on general greenery, I’ll gently maintain that the long drives/flights to the WRR are worth it! So y’all let me know if you’re planning any trips and I’ll try and get time off to guide you to the best places! I’m near Denver so it’s not as bad for me!)


12:30am, just landed back from vacation to Singapore. Bub had been a little anxious after I stupidly took him on some rides that may have been a bit too fast at Universal Studios - did not want the plane to fly through the clouds, which we relayed to the pilots via a stewardess before take-off.

Flight deck door was open on exit and the crew invited him in. Co-pilot was awesome and did not settle for a quick visit, popped him into the flight chair and gave him the pilot’s hat while they had a chat for a few minutes, including turning the flight computer back on so he could see all the instrument lights and hear the audio warnings.

Bub was stoked and has been playing with planes all afternoon!


India, very different place to be. Only gonna do a few photos since they’re on my camera and I’m posting from my phone.


Awesome pics @sharaleo! He looks like one happy chappie.

What’s in the first and third pics @CraigM?


The first is Kerala style swordfish served on a banana leaf, which was fantastic and came with a side of coconut rice.

The third is an elephant getting a bath in the river.


Since the only thing I seem to take pictures of besides bugs are cats…

Here’s a cat in the grass that’s distracted by a bug.

An adorable kitten.

The same adorable kitten a few weeks later.

Aaaaaand now it’s a murder beast.


No transition (but still… brr!):

post-typhoon sky in the evening.

I had never noticed that tower was leaning before…