Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


That’s a 737! You must not live TOO far from Singapore :)


“Murder beast” made me crack up! Hahaha!


While I don’t like (to say the least) Tokyo, I really love my appartment.
While waking up this morning after a little winter storm, I was delighted to be able to distingish the features of mountain ranges, kilometers away - the first time the town pollution was lifted since we arrived.
And then, something caught my eye.

Is that…

No way…

I got my own 37th view on the mount Fuji!


I just got back from a trip to France. Had a great time & haven’t managed to really sort through all 1000 pix, but here are a couple of highlights:

Mont Saint-Michel




(Richard the Lionheart’s heart which is buried in Rouen Cathedral)


Jules Verne’s house

Cliffs of Étretat.

(me admiring Rouen Cathedral)


That is a stinkin’ cool discovery!


Mont Saint-Michel is on my bucket list. Also, that is one artistic selfie! Sweet pics!


Thanks! Can really recommend a trip there! Its been on my bucket list for 23 years, so it was awesome to finally visit it.


As you were (suspensefully I might add) appearing to zoom in on that little red shack atop that white building, I was telling myself, "Hey! It is! It’s that building I remember from the beginning of “Dishonored 2”!


Prototyping a value chain game we’re working on.


Frederick Meijer Gardens here in Grand Rapids dresses up every year for the holidays, and I stopped by tonight. There’s plenty of lights and such, of course, but the best bit is the train room. They set up a big display of scale models of various landmarks - mostly local, but some international - in the middle of a bunch of plant displays, and run a model train through the whole thing. I didn’t get any good pictures of the train (maybe I’ll go back and try to do better) but here’s a few of the models. This first one is a scale model of the conservatory there on the grounds. Very meta.


Just returned from a fabulous four days in Rome. What a wonderful city! Of course, being an archaeologist myself, I’m even more interested in all the highlights the city has to offer… :-)

Anyway, as it turns out, seagulls are not very shy…

Some other photographs (just a quick pick out of many, many more…):

All photo’s were taken with my iPhone, so not very great quality, sorry about that…


Nice pics!
I’ve been meaning to go to Rome for a while now. Thanks for reminding me to bump it up the list!


You really should, it is fantastic!

As for anyone thinking the first pic is a bad photoshop (I almost thought that myself looking at it…): it really isn’t…


@ineffablebob, trains are cool (well, model ones, as real ones blow), and gardens are cool…but those pics are just downright fascinating! How fun and peculiar.

@mjgreeny75, the seagull made me COL.


Japan is very pretty
Exhibit 1 - Pagoda built in 1442 at Ruriko-ji Temple, Yamaguchi, Japan.


I wish that gardens that nice could grow in NoCo.


Two of my recent adventures. Not close geographically. Some kinda rotten cell-phone pics but still mostly nice to share!

EDIT: I guess I should have provided a tiny bit of info. My apologies.

Adventure 1 is at Lake Agnes, Colorado. Not far away from here, my favorite tents (ultralight Big Agnes) are made:

Lake Agnes! A very nice day just below freezing. With no wind, it was much too warm.

Night near Lake Agnes.

My tent in the snow as the moon falls away.

Adventure 2! I went to St. Lucia, Martinique, and (fortunately for only one day) Trinidad and Tobago.

Pictured below: The view of the small plunge/infinity pool at my villa.

A balloonfish right off the private beach of the Windjammer Landing, which I liked. It was mostly middle-aged French couples who wanted to be left alone. Beats a party-place any day. Relax.

Another view from the Windjammer Landing, where I stayed for the first half of my 11-day trip.

Remaining 5 pics are from my pool suite at the Caille Blanc Villa. It’s owned by the Coleman family from New York and just fantastic. The infinity pool is 65-feet long. There are two other pools below this one. The mountains in the background are the Petit Piton and Gros Piton by Soufrière.


Nice pics Hal9000.

Here are a few recent ones from Way Kambas National Park in Sumatra. These elephants are rescues, and used by rangers for anti-poaching patrols including rescuing other wild elephants and mitigating human-elephant conflict. Basically elephants and bad-ass and scare the shit out of poachers.

Incidentally, these elephants have chains because they need to be tethered for various reasons, including getting a daily wash (when the photos were all taken). They work some of the day, then get released into (restricted) free roam areas later in the day and overnight. The juvenile elephant obviously doesn’t do any ranger work yet, but gets washed with her mother.


Amazing pics @Hal9000 and @krayzkrok.


Awesome stuff!

Hal, where did those adventures take place?