Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


So basically that’s the top of this waterfall:

It’s shot at 11mm which with a standard wide-angle but at 11mm it does get a little distorted, even after lens corrections.

— Alan


Where is this if I may ask? I have been to Kings Canyon “park” (which is the size of Switzerland). Edit nevermind looks like its Yellowstone according to comments here?.


In that second post with the night shots and the waterfall, that’s all Yosemite.

— Alan


Cheers! Great shots!


Autumn leaves at the Tofuku-ji buddhist temple, Kyoto, Japan, November 2017. I love the kimonos these young ladies were wearing, they look so elegant.

Torii gate at Miyajima Island, Near Hiroshima, Japan, November 2017. The gate separates the profane ground from the sacred land of the Shinto shrine on the island.

The Golden Temple in Kyoto, Japan, November 2017.

Kenrokuen gardens, Kanazawa, Japan.


Panorama of Lake Ashi, Japan


Those are great, @Simonout! I particularly like the gate one with the boat.


Oh man, beautiful pictures! And yes, those kimonos look so elegant!


Nice shot! I was there three years ago.


Great pics Alan, Simon and Theodo… er Krok


Thanks Ineffablebob, geggis, Miramon and Kadath! Japan is very photogenic, and I was fortunate that the Autumn leaves were insane when I visited. I really want to go back, it’s a wonderful country to visit.

Alan, your photos are magnificent!


Crazy week; GDC, then flew back and headed to St. Louis for the annual Transworld Halloween convention. Always have a good time there.

A few pics from the show in my album below. The show is huge; I just take a couple shots of the things that catch my eye. You may have seen the video of the large spider-y Pennywise animatronic dangling the armless kid online in the last couple of days. That was from the show; in real life, the figure was about eight or nine feet tall. It was awesome.[email protected]/sets/72157694184950584


The Pitons, St. Lucia.

Taken on my phone just now. Amazing sight.


WHOOT WHOOT!!! Congrats, my man! Hope Yello and Paula and all are well. :) It is currently 18F and snowing where I am.


The Berlin Wall.




Summer’s coming! Hope everyone who likes backpacking gets some great backpacking in. :)


Yes! First camping trip next weekend. Not quite sure where we’re going yet, but it’s a beautiful time of year right now - cool nights, low humidity by day, still green from the wet season, lots of wildlife. Hoping to do the Simpson Desert at some point, which is stunning.

None of these guys though, although probably a good thing.


I went to see the seals beached on Sandy Hook a few weeks ago. They were too far out to get good pics (and the heat coming off the water was creating huuuuge distortion) but the birding went well!

Merganser emerges from water, brant in background:

by Sam Posten III, on Flickr

Merganser drip:

by Sam Posten III, on Flickr

Nesting ospreys with human trash in nest:

by Sam Posten III, on Flickr

Brants and a seagull with clams:

by Sam Posten III, on Flickr

Seagulls dropping clams from 30’ in the air to crack them open on rocks:

by Sam Posten III, on Flickr


— Alan


Where is that Alan?

Especially that stairway.