Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, SF, Mount Diablo and Sutro Baths, respectively.

— Alan


The eyes are the windows to… lunch?

And here is a puppy photo for those of you with a sensitive disposition.


Just… amazing. The first one is absolutely terrifying. I can’t help but notice the ever present partner: the hardballed crocodile eyesucking fly!

Here is some of the Japanese suburb I always loved, and that has been sadly going steadily extinct over the past 20 years, that I captured today.

Sadly, I don’t have the adequate camera to capture the lovely way the sun plays with the shadows — nor would I probably know how to do it, if I owned one!


Yes, well spotted, in fact I’ve spent most of the week working with a TV documentary crew to film this in super macro. Not sure which you’d find more terrifying, the crocodile, or the fly’s head blown up to fill the entire screen so you can see the blade-like mouthparts slice into the skin and set blood flowing (no really, it’s pretty gruesome up close!).


My girlfriend and I… would like to see that. I love macro and she loves insects and them doing their thing.

Beautiful pics though all. @Left_Empty that neighbourhood looks lovely. I’ve never visited Japan but those kinds of streets when I’ve seen them in films always have this kind of quiet charm to them.


I confess, I cheated: this is what is called the Golden Week (a period of 4 continuous days of vacations, which corresponds to our Summer vacations, converted to Japan’s insane time compression because of the slave blackhole they use to power their underaged girl bands), and roughly 90% of the Tokyo population is gone. No way that street’d be this quiet any other time of the year!

I have no education: if nobody bothers that fly (who would hunt a fly sitting on a croc?!), does that make that fly an apex predator? :O
I’d really love to see the documentary!


I love little places like that. Nice pic. :)


No, that makes it a parasite. The fly is not killing the crocodile, and can feed off it indefinitely in theory, plus the croc gets nothing out of it. An apex predator is one that generally sits at the top of a food chain / web, so nothing regards an apex predator as attainable prey. Flies are eaten by all kinds of animals. Crocodiles are apex predators (although their young, like that of any animal, are vulnerable).


Having accidentally eaten both a fly and an ant at various times in my young life, I can easily say that I can never see a point where I might have accidentally eaten a croc. Apex predators can accidentally eat something. Not the bugs though. I have never seen the phrase, a mosquito accidentally ate a cow.


Unless, of course…



That is, obviously, not a mosquito. Fail!


Them!!! I loved that movie so much as a kid.


There is an old movie for every occasion.



I’ve recently returned from a trip with about 3000 SLR fotos & 1500 fotos from my phone. Going through them I’ve noticed that I forgot to update the clock on the SLR to the local timezone, so now my pics are asynchronos. ie The SLR pics are 10hrs earlier than the mobile pics when sorted via the created tab.

Does anyone know of a way to resync them via some sort of software automation, or do I need to manually go into EVERY SINGLE FOTO and adjust the timestamp via some metadata editor?

(eg I’m hoping for some small batch program that would read out existing timestamp & just add 10hr to it and save it again)


Exiftool can do that.



…and I stumbled across this site that explains that lightroom has the ability too! Nice, that makes it easier.


Dawn at Cherokee Lake in the Boundary Waters Conservation Area (BWCA). It was tough on my 49 yr old body to get there, but well worth the effort! It was an awesome 5 day trip.


Nice! I’ve been telling myself for years to get back to the Boundary Waters. Amazing how clean the air was. The mosquitoes, though. Dear god.


My grandparents lived on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage when I was growing up. They called them the state birds.


I have a bunch of momento bites, but the bugs were not terrible. I only had to wear the mosquito mask once. Then again, I was in my tent by 8:30p every night.