Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Caravelles were the superior boats, as Sid Meier’s studies proved.
Very cool pictures, @Fishbreath, and my favourite of your croc pictures is the first one, @krayzkrok: it’s always so fast when shown in motion, I learned it was really a gallop.


Thanks. That particular photo is being used by the govt rangers for school educational outreach. Go freshie!


I spent Saturday evening pedal-kayaking around Bremerton with some friends, and it was an absolutely incredible experience. Couldn’t have asked for better weather.


That is a nifty photo. That plant border motif appears in many old windows, and it appears in the stained glass in my church also, which were made in the 1960s.


Great dingo shot! This is our dingo :)

— Alan


Looks like there’s some kelpie in there, which means there’s some dingo in there too! That reminds me, when I first saw the dingo it was watching us intently, then just sat down and fell asleep, not caring less about us. I’m not sure which photo I prefer of it, but I love the piercing gaze…


Our general assumption is that she’s a full red heeler, but haven’t done a DNA test to be sure what the mix is.

— Alan


Yes, sorry, I brain farted that one (kelpie’s have some dingo in their pedigree, but not as much as blue/red heelers). He’s definitely a heeler in appearance.


Great dingo shot! This is our dingo :)

— Alan

That dog looks straight out of Fury Road.


@Alan_Dunkin, that would be a blast. Traveling from CO to the WY mountains is very time consuming, but I think totally worth it. Would be a blast to go on some adventures together. Wish I still had a crash pad in Jackson!

@Bernie_Dy, @geggis, @krayzkrok, thanks. The AT is pretty cool, but I’ve only hiked a tiny sliver of it. Too many trails, not enough time…and once you go off-trail, well, it’s impossible to do 'em all!


Ok, that’s terrifying. These things can like…gallop? Nightmare fuel!


Oh yes. 18 kph, which is 11 mph. You could outrun it, if you’re fit, but it’s intimidating if it’s coming towards you. Fortunately with freshwater crocodiles they usually use it to get away from you. This is a sequence we filmed many years ago, high speed camera. Super low resolution because I was on dial-up when I uploaded it!

Cuban crocodiles, however, they gallop towards you. With intent.


Out of curiosity

A) how long can they keep that pace
B) how long will they be interested in doing so?

Because that’s a bit speedier than I anticipated for a croc.


A) Several seconds. Not much more than 5, but generally that’s more than enough time to get to the water, or get away from whatever was threatening them. I’ve seen freshies run out of steam and go into a walk instead for the last few meters. Crocs are built for explosive exertion, not sustained exertion. Most of that is at or near to maximum speed though.

B) For as long as it takes to get where they’re going. :) Or until they run out of steam, in which case they’ll still walk, or try and break into another run with what’s left of their energy reserves. If they have a break of a minute or two, they can manage another run, perhaps not quite as long as the last one.





They’re actually quite amusing to watch in real life, at normal speed. Wait…

That’s one of my videos that some guy pilfered, you can tell because it’s a pixelly mess! I really need to upload modern, 4k versions of these or something.


I heard an odd sound and just thought my wife was watching Youtube videos when I heard her exclaim, there’s a coyote on our neighbours lawn. I grabbed my camera and had look. There’s lots of coyote sightings around here but this was actually a fox.


Nice shot. I like the various shades of red and orange throughout the frame.


Thanks. It’s autumn here and it’s a about the peak of colour change.


You know English had no word for orange until the fruit turned up? Before that you were just yellow-red.

Did I read that in this very thread in fact? Possibly - there’s lots of cool stuff on QT3 :)