Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


I got my latest batch of rolls back from the lab and this was a quick standout. The grain is a bit thicker than I would prefer because I was shooting on ISO 3200 film, but I’ll take the trade-off because it allows me to shoot handheld with a dark red filter while still stopping down a fair amount.


ISO3200! I did all my old bat research photography with that film (Ilfochrome) taking multiflash photogrammetry images of microbats grabbing insects. Not as pretty as yours, but more batty.

The resolution was just good enough to see the insect in the bat’s mouth or its uropatagium (frame 7). The bat was only 5 cm (2 inches) in length so it was pretty good. And yes, I have this photo on my hard drive because it’s a good illustration of high ISO (plus cute bat ears).


Got two more rolls of color film back from the lab today. Still have a few B&W ones banked for when I finally decide to give developing at home a shot. Too bad the weather’s been mostly crummy here on the weekends lately.

All shot on my Mamiya RB67 with a 75mm lens. #1, #3, and #4 are on Kodak Portra 400, and #2 was on Kodak Ektar 100.


Man, that tree picture is gorgeous. I’m gonna miss the trees when I move to a Arizona.


outstanding pics. Wonderful!


I appreciate the compliments! I was quite happy at how those turned out.


So I did a decently hard hike today, 8.5 miles, where I gain 2100 feet of elevation in the first mile and a half. Extended periods of 50% grade.

But it’s worth it. One of my favorite hikes because it’s very rewarding to get to the top

Once I crossed 2800 feet there was pretty consistently snow coverage. And one of those pictures is of the last hundred feet or so to the summit.

Yes, that is the actual trail. It’s not like that for all of the initial scramble, but it’s not unrepresentative either, as there are multiple bursts of 60-70% grade

I love the Tillamook state forest.


You’re moving to Arizona?

Plenty of trees and forests there FYI :)

— Alan


Sure, and the ones up by Sonoma are plenty cool.

They are nothing like the Montana and Wyoming ones he’s used to though. But each are cool in their own way.


Red Rocks Canyon, Nevada:

Vegas from Red Rocks:

The Confluence at La Verkin, Utah:

Snow shower near Virgin, Utah:

The classic Zion view:

Court of the Patriarchs:

Lower Emerald Pool:

— Alan


Awesome pics there! And they’re all so clean and crisp!


Wow, they’re beautiful pics!

I did some hiking over the weekend in grey, wet and windy Wales (the first in a looong time, and loved it).

No colour lives here.

They’re not a patch on @Alan_Dunkin’s of course, but thought I’d share something a bit bleaker, haha :-D I was quite happy with the panoramas – they usually end up pretty underwhelming.


Kudos to all the great pics above. So purty!


Yes sir. I get save-pay, so I can move away for a couple of years and not take a pay cut. It’ll be good for me to have a new work environment, especially as some of my best friends at work have relocating away. :)

I’m going to have to watch out for bitey and pokey things. :P I keep telling myself that it’s a 6-7 hour drive from NoCo to where I like to go hiking, so maybe with flights there it won’t be too much longer…


@geggis in that second picture, what am I seeing? Some sort of weird trench? I am very intrigued and want to visit.

@Alan_Dunkin I love that waterfall!

Also, @CraigM, that has kinda a LoTR feel to it. :D


Hey, if you find yourself out in Portland while I’m still out here, let me know and we can hit up some of my favorite hikes (weather permitting)


Ah, now you mention it it is a very flat image! The yellow-ish grass sections are slopes leading down to a narrow cutting with rough rocky cliffs lining it. The photo above it is from the inside of the cutting looking up.


@CraigM be careful because I’ll take you up on that like a creepy remora fish!

@geggis that makes sense now. I was very confused at first. My brain really didn’t expect to see that cut!


Took the family to the LightUp Festival in Loudoun VA last night and saw this pretty cool dragon (zoom in to see what is is made from):

Lots of other colorful displays there as well. If you are in the area, you can drive around it a see a lot without having to go inside. Last night is tonight.


New Year’s eve fireworks, Sydney Harbour