Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Hey guys, I’m planning on printing one of my travel pics on a large canvas to hang up in my lounge above my TV and can’t quite decide which one to go for. (size: 2m by 50cm aka 6’5" by 1’6"?)







Any thoughts?


I think A would get my vote–but C is a close second.


I gotta agree. The contrast in A is fantastic.


A or E!


Thanks for the input! Guess A is the frontrunner? surprising, as when I asked a few of my friends none of them picked that one. They tended to B or F.



A is my favourite by a fair margin, followed by C and possibly B. A has the most contrast and variation, it gives a sense of space, and there’s lots of detail to look for. B or C have similarities but don’t appeal to me quite as much.

Also, nice underwater photos with your phone, Hal9000! The second one could easily be from a travel brochure. The cockpit shot looks like you’re about to land on the main street.


Put 2 or 3 digital photo frames adjacent, and you can rotate among them.


I would pick C or D, but then I’m a big water fan.


A is my first choice, B my second - damn they are all nice pictures though.


@Cormac should do a print run of all those and set up a shop. Bet you’ve got a nice market right here!


Hehe… Thanks man! Do love taking pics, but I’m strictly an amateur.


No love for the Hobbiton sign? Quite liked it for its simplicity. Seems that the first one is the clear winner here!

Thanks for the input everyone!

I asked a friend about the pics and mentioned that the Hobbiton Pics (incl the sign) might be a bit geeky and she categorically stated that all females are averse to fantasy/geek stuff and thus I shouldn’t use those. When I implied that there might be women who don’t hate fantasy stuff, she doubled down and said “I. Have. Never. Met. One. Ever. Not even in the Rock world” (she worked for a metal mag for 13 years)

Anyway, just thought I’d mention that amusing anecdote…


So the female centric genre fiction like The Hunger Games and Twilight don’t exist. And women don’t like Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, or TV series like Charmed*.

I’m sad to say your friend is crazy. She sounds cool, having worked at a metal mag for years (which one, if you don’t mind?), but crazy :)

*I pick this because my wife has been binging it on Netflix lately.


My wife doesn’t count herself as a geek, but she’s always loved Tolkien. Still, she would definitely draw the line at putting that on the wall, although it’s more a case of Peter Jackson having ruined the whole thing with his Hobbit movies, combined with over-exposure of that particular interpretation. If it was a piece of art that was an interpretation of Hobbiton? That might fly, but not that particular look.


Kerrang ring a bell?

But yeah, I objected to her crass generalization, but then didn’t want to waste time debating the point, as she was just so obviously wrong… (I imagine that is what it feels like to debate Trump supporters!)

He sure did! Such an enormous drop in quality between the Rings and the Hobbit movies… Haven’t been able to even watch the extended Hobbit movies, let alone rewatching the Rings movies since, which I used to do on a regular basis. So that argument certainly makes sense.


Indeed it does. Never read it much myself, tended towards Brave Words years ago before going for Loudwire, since I do enjoy a lot of their musician interview videos.

And, yeah, the Hobbit is proof Jackson needs someone to reign him in. Much like Lucas.


B for me, the E. I like the foregrounds


First time I’ve been in a Cessna Caravan. Cool little plane.


I picked up my DSLR again to work on some black and white landscapes. As much as I love my RB67, it’s kind of nice being able to go out somewhere and shoot 200-300 shots.


Wow. Especially like the first one. Amazing shot. But the others are great as well.