Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


Very nice. The last one reminds me (who knows why) or one part of one of those STALKER games. Evocative. I can never do good B&W.


Thanks! I was pretty happy with how things turned out because, with the exception of the third, none of those looked especially dramatic or noteworthy in the moment. It was when I started playing with the color balances in Lightroom, pulling out the blues and boosting reds/oranges like if I had shot with a deep red filter, etc, that they really came together into something I liked. It’s really useful in creating a separation of tones in B&W, and something I probably should have learned to make better use of a long time ago.


Haven’t swung by this thread in a while but hot damn (or cold damn) – those pictures are crazy, uh, @krayzkrok. Awe-inspiring and beautifully framed. Fascinating penguin fact too; I had no idea about the pink wing thing!


Thanks @geggis! The counter-circulation in their feet (to minimise heat loss when they’re standing for hours on cold rocks and snow) is also really quite impressive biological “engineering”.


My new camera arrived today:

I feel like at this rate, I’ll just be etching pictures into stone tablets before too long.


Is there a black hood that goes over the back? Because that would be awesome.


I’ll need to pick one up, but in the meantime as I’m learning to use it, I’ve just been using an old black t-shirt. You definitely have to drape something over the back when focusing though, as the image on the ground glass just isn’t bright enough otherwise.


So, people keep telling me that if I appreciate photography why am I not on Instagram. Since I’m an old fart, I’d just ignored that platform over the years and had a look at it now. What bugs me from the offset is that everytime I see a cool pic, I want to click on it and actually LOOK AT IT PROPERLY - ie at a decent resolution / full screen - but then I see its basically locked into a thumbnail.

Thats just terrible. Whats the point then, if you cant really see the pic for what it is?
Otherwise I guess people can post pics of their lunch or the dog poo they saw on their way to work?

(sorry… exaggerating there a bit obviously, but I’m still not quite sure what the market for the app is.)

PS - Why restrict the pics to a low rez? Is it due to copyright type issues?


I think it’s telling that there’s still no Instagram app for tablets, and the web version is pretty stripped down on desktops. For whatever reason, they really want to stick with phones.

I still really enjoy it as a way to share photos I’ve taken with my phone and see the same from others, and my preference is that those actually be photos from people I know.

I’ve unfollowed close friends who just use it to repost memes or screenshots of texts or whatever; I don’t want Instagram to look like my Facebook feed (I also don’t want my Facebook feed to look like my Facebook feed, but that’s a different fight).

But the social aspect is still important to me, so on the flip side I also don’t follow that many strangers just on the strength of their photography skills.

I can’t speak for everyone, but as a quick social way to share pictures as a peek into the lives of others, I don’t mind that it’s obviously designed around viewing on a small phone screen.

Edit: to the resolution issue that seems obvious if you accept that it’s designed for phones, they don’t want to tank anyone’s data plan.


These people who suggest you should join Instagram if you’re “into photography”, are they just friends who like pictures, or are they people who are also more seriously into photography? I’d be surprised to learn it’s the latter.


Thanks for the insight! Makes sense.

And yeah, these people tend to more “media”-orientated people that also enjoy the whole social marketing world (eg Twitter-et al), which I tend to stay away from too.

But I did see some nice photography threads, so will at least check it out, though I hate fiddling with my phone and dont have a tablet, so all my internet stuff is generally done on a pc. So the stripped down interface isn’t really a selling point for me!


You can use two fingers to “pull apart” (instead of pinching) to zoom in on an image. But you’re correct, it’s not really intended for large resolution views or anything because of the platform.

— Alan


Well… my pc doesn’t have the pinch function ;)
But thanks! Bandwidth limit seems like a plausible limitation for the masses that don’t use a pc.


Oh right! True enough, as others have mentioned, IG was never really intended for desktop use or even for high-resolution picture representation. Wish there were more options for that aside from creating a business profile and linking each image (which is annoying since you have to tie it to a Facebook page) unfortunately.

— Alan


Instagram seems to have various subcultures going on, there are the travel influencers, the cute pet photo group, the amateur & professional photographers, the kids using it for social media, etc

I use it mainly as a photographer’s platform, that’s how it was “sold” to me as being useful a few years ago, and I find it useful in my expedition work. As with Twitter, your “feed” and your followers can change the experience dramatically.

I also have a dog account, which is a way of letting off steam by sharing photos of the dogs and getting a cute fluff fix from others. Neither account has a massive number of followers because I’ve never really chased that (1,000 for my photo account, 300 for the dogs), just enough for them to be useful in their roles. Neither account ever shares any personal stuff beyond the dog pics (which I don’t put into a personal context, including using the dog’s “voice” to further distance it).

You definitely have to get into the mindset of the kind of photos that people tend to like. Subtlety is often lost, that’s for sure. At least you can now use portrait and landscape formats, whereas originally it was square only, although landscapes tend not to work as well on the vertical phone screen. It would be far better if it was a desktop application, but that’s the crazy world we live in in 2019.


Instagram is an everlasting monument to my vanity and lack of any discernible employment.

J/k. I don’t use it much, but a few of my hiking and foreign friends use it to share ideas. None of us are big posters or whatever. I have 100 followers I think. 80-something of them are probably spam/businesses trying to get me to buy bracelets.

@krayzkrok what are you on there? If it’s something you’d divulge.


Does anyone have any ideas how to sell a really old camera (other than ebay)? Some of them seem to go for quite a bit if money. I expect it is in good condition since my grandfather took good care of his stuff, but I don’t know for sure. I couldn’t find any local photography club.

Google Photos

Edit: Never mind: I had already asked here. I forgot that I already tried a bunch of the suggestions. Thanks anyways :-)


I’m @adambrittoncroc on there, and if you’re really jonesing for lots of photos of my dogs being silly, there’s @bolt.wss.

What’s yours? There’s a hal9000 with an identical avatar but it doesn’t match your description in your post.


Speaking of which, my own IG profile is available at @avdunkin.

— Alan


Followed! Also reminds me that I need to post more photos. Heading to Cambodia and Vietnam next week so that will annoy my followers who only like my crocodile photos. ;)