Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


I don’t even know which symbol I use, but it’s not my little radar+HAL one! :D Anyway, I added you and @Alan_Dunkin though I don’t post much. More of a IG stalker! Also I exited the app already and forget my username, but I know that it has “necessary” in there somewhere. Forget what I changed it to!


I found you ;)


So I decided that I was missing snow, as the promised snowfall over the weekend failed to materialize (was just a drizzle instead), that I would seek out the snow instead.

Which wasn’t hard, as the mountains are (normally) a 25 minute drive away. Slow today, because the roads aren’t really plowed and once I got into the range it was definitely sub par road conditions.

But I climbed Elk Mountain, and it was worth it. Like the driving the climb was notably slower than normal. And as I neared the summit the trail was more of a trench of 6-10” of snow where the sides are knee height. And it started to get real dicey, with the snow reaching near blizzard level and visibility dropping. Which at 3200” isn’t exactly where you want to be. So a quick scurry, which at times was me sitting on my butt and sliding, down was in order.

But it was a good day.

@Dave_Perkins as promised.


GAWJUS! I kinda miss the snow. Makes me want to go skiing.