Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)


(It’s actually a hoagie from Chickies at 10th and Federal.)

Doesn’t matter, all sandwiches in Philly are superior to every other sandwich. It’s sad that the friggin’ gas stations in Philly make a better sandwich than our delis.


These aren’t that recent (within a year is recent enough, I guess) but they’re my favorites:

Okay, this one was a couple of weeks ago. Taken from the window of the train between Seattle and Spokane…

My flickr stream.

You have mastered the art of making your lightsaber, young padawan.

— Alan

Great composition on this one. :)

Epicboy’s favorite subject. My kid playing with an Indiana Jones Lego set.

Three from the last stage of Tour of Utah, an annual race that was going on a couple of weeks ago.

I know the guy in the background with the yellow jersey. Didn’t know what he was up to this summer. Small world.

I went to Jordan because I’m soppy for old stuff. No-one told me that I’d also be stood about as far away as this photo looks from a fucking eagle (thumbnail click job) which I’m even more soppy for. I sat for hours to get the latter pictures, the former was just pure luck, the Mrs literally bumped into him/her on the way to breakfast. It didn’t seem to be injured but was utterly unmoved by our presence and posed happily for a lot of photos.

Oh, hum the Indiana Jones theme while you’re at it…

From a trip to Scotland this spring (3 days of sunshine and blue skies! In Scotland!!).

I love my macro lens.

Today’s sunset, at Batiquitos Lagoon.

My girls protecting us from the red menace:


Playing with my borrowed 150-500mm.


I was going to post some pics of my friends and I working on our Lemons race car, but damn. They’re only semi-blurry cell phone pics, nothing nearly as nice as some of the photos you guys have posted. Impressive stuff! :)

I am just scartching the surface of what my camera can do and only doing the simplest work in Picasa or Photoshop Elements before posting, so don’t worry. My skills are nowhere near the others in this thread… but Idon’t care.

I have a lot of newsphotographer friends and allthough very skilled, they will all tell you that sometimes a blurry photo of the right subject is more interesting than the perfectly processed shot of something more common.
Also my first post in this thread was from the iPhone.

Some great images in this thread. I generally suck with a camera, so there is a certain envy in looking at these sharp, well-composed photos.

The title of the thread still sets my teeth on edge, though. Someone post a photo of Kraaze being flogged.

Here’s a fun pair of photos that I like to show people to illustrate to them that there’s SOO much you can do, just by playing around with the light and exposure. Both pics taken at the same time & place. (well ALMOST the same time! - thats for all of you about there about to split hairs with me…)

bigger version

bigger version

A few more just to keep this thread going. Would love to see more from others.

Yeah, I’m getting a little annoyed at them to be honest. I’m useless with a camera, I can generally focus correctly and get everything in the frame, but my composition is atrocious and I can never do what I want to do with the exposure. And even when I do it turns out it was a bad idea in the first place.

I’ve been told I have a good eye for critiqing photos though.

So yeah! You may be able to take great photos but I can incessantly whinge about the smallest flaws in them.

I’ll say. It’s all the red, the open mouth, and the surprised expression. Really nice.

Marged, what is the festival in Philadelphia? I grew up outside Harrisburg and remember seeing those men in the big feather outfits and polka, but I can’t remember what they call it anymore.