Tell us what pictures you have taken recently (that are interesting)

Is that kid sucking on a bottle of Old Gran Dad? Amazing eyes!

Those bats remind me of Batman!

Good example of how a blurry picture can still carry the day. Nice shot.

From our trip to Martha’s Vineyard this summer:

Here’s a picture of a neighbor kid to prevent this thread from sliding too far into Bolivian.

Are your neighbors nervous that you are taking pictures of their … boooooooy?

What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

La Canada-Flintridge fire burning just above the Jet Propulsion Lab (from the Devil’s Gate Damn just down the street from Lorini’s home).

Rose Bowl Fireworks (also another hike from Lorini’s home)

Knight at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire

Mark Twain riverboat at Disneyland

Yay! Glad this thread is hanging on, if only by a thread (hah!). Love the shot of the fire, corsair.

Favorite shot in the thread so far. Only the shadow in the lower left corner detracts from it, but otherwise I think it’s awesome.

What sort of camera do you use?


Canon G10, but that image is an HDR.

Yea, I could tell it was HDR, that’s why I asked :p

My camera sucks.

I got the G10 because it seemed like a goood newbie camera, and it’s been fantastic, but they just announced the G11 which has a much better low light sensor.

I think it’s time I get a true SLR anyway.

However, this photo:

was taken with a piece of shit, so you don’t necessarily need a great camera to take great photos, but it sure as shit helps. So does photoshop. ;)

I’ve been meaning to replace my Canon Powershot A80 (five year old point and shoot 4MP 7.8-23.4mm). I’ve never liked this thing at all. It has a very slow capture rate for higher rez images and barely captures anything in low light. The auto-focus is also complete crap and consistently lets me down. Plus the macro mode is crap. I hate this thing. I’m giving it away to someone I hate when I replace it.

I was heavily in to photography back in the mid 90’s and own a few older 35mm SLR cameras, but haven’t used them in ten years thanks to the cost of developing and film. It was an expensive hobby for me at the time.

I’ve been meaning to get back into photography and have considered a digital SLR, but they are cost prohibitive for me right now.

I know some people consider HDR cheating, but it looks good when done right and not over done. I’ve always been a fan of high contrast filtering (Loved B&W with Red#25 filters back in the day) and this is probably why HDR appeals to me on some levels while it drives some photographers insane.

Thy “gauntlets” have velcro straps, KNAVE.

(Rad pic anyway.)

Haha! Never noticed! I suppose it is difficult to get proper heraldic color-coded gloves. So here, you can apply your sharp eyes to these guys:

And just to show you that no anachronistic crime goes unpunished:

Those people are douchebags. So long as the end result is good, does the method you use to get it really matter?

Mummers! Or Teamsters in Drag, as I like to call it.

I took this while walking to a friend’s house for a party last night:

I think you’ll find that’s a bottle of Chivas Regal.

Awesome photos, everyone.

Kaigen, what are you using to process your HDR imagery? I’ve oft tried to figure that stuff out, with middling results…

Of course, my camera doesn’t let me do any bracketing, or anything, but with a tripod I should be able to switch apertures without losing the composition. So I should be able to get the requisite raw material for that.