Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


That’s wierd. Anova arrived today, bigger than I expected. I looked at the Amazon page and it’s $149. $40 more than I paid. Even the link I pasted here has at $109. Not that I’m complaining.


Bigger than I expected as well. Still, much smaller than a ton of other kitchen gadgets I have.


Truedat. I wanted to keep the kitchen island uncluttered. Now it is the permanent home of my Kitchen Aid mixer, marble pastry board, crystal fruit bowl filled with everything but fruit…

The Anova will find a place.


I’ve already spotted an old cooler I want to do a conversion on for extended sous vide cooks. Similar to this one but mine is a bit smaller.


Same, though I went with an 8 gallon polycarbonate food container. It doubles as storage for the Anova unit itself, which is nice. The whole kit and kaboodle gets bunged in a closet when not in use.


So at long last, I am fully returned from my weekend travels and travails, and y’all have been busy in here! Loving the sous vide discussion. It’s one of those gadgets I’m trying to hold off on until we’ve got a bigger kitchen, but you guys are making it very hard to do. Lovely pictures from @Skipper, @Tman, @Eric_Majkut, and the rest :-D

So, as I mentioned upthread, I did food prep for about 20 friends and acquaintances this weekend. I got pictures (not very good ones, sadly) of a lot of it, and will attempt to convey the madness to you all.

These are the groceries I purchased or had and brought with me. In addition to this, the hostess bought 5.5lbs of thinly sliced beef, 3.5 lbs each of chicken breast tenderloins and chicken wings (not pre-divided, so I got to learn how to divvy up a wing really fast this weekend! hah), 6lbs of bacon, 4lbs of sausage links, 48 eggs, half a gallon of buttermilk, and 48oz of kimchi :-D

Over the course of about 4 whirlwind hours I (with the desperately appreciated help of a couple of friends) produced:

  • Beef Bulgogi (with sliced onions, carrots, and scallions)
  • Korean Fried Chicken Wings
  • Korean Fried Chicken Tenders
  • Seasoned Spicy Bean Sprouts
  • Seasoned Spicy Spinach
  • “Ssamjang” BBQ Dipping Sauce
  • Spicy Cucumber-and-Onion Salad
  • Sweet-and-Salty Glazed Baby Potatoes
  • Honey-Butter-Soy Sauce for the chicken
  • Spicy-Sweet Glaze for the chicken
  • Zesty Asian Slaw
  • White Rice (about 3lbs of worth, lol)
  • Spicy Rice and Fish Cake Stew (not pictured, d’oh)

Despite some big setbacks–I was two hours delayed due to horrible traffic between Raleigh and Gatlinburg, TN, and thus had to rush the cooking; and I also managed to HORRIBLY burn the first batch of rice, necessitating a friend driving down the mountain we were cabin partying it up on top of to get more and totally wasting the extremely fancy Korean rice I bought–it all came together nearly perfectly at the end and people ate damn near all of it. We wound up throwing out about 1/4 of the sprouts and a cup or two of the stew, but the rest was either devoured or taken home by folks!

The next morning, three of us got up early and made a huge breakfast of buttermilk pancakes, omelets (with toppings like onions, bell peppers, Spam–leftover from the Korean, since I didn’t have time to make Kimchi Fried Rice–hot peppers, mushrooms, and cheese), scrambled eggs, bacon, and sausage. Sadly I “lost” my bag of chocolate chips, nuts, and cranberries, so the pancakes were fairly plain, apart from honey, butter, and syrup (in truth, the bag wound up stuck in my car and all the chocolate melted. fuck).

No pics of breakfast, since it was basically served ad-hoc.

Finally, the second night, my buddy prepared a huge Greek feast, which I helped out on several elements of (including the grilled kebabs and the chicken gyro).

All told, we had a big make-your-own Greek salad bar with lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, parmesan and feta, and sliced olives. He also made these amazing puff pastry-based spanakopita turnovers full of feta, spinach, and caramelized onions, plus some dolmas-from-a-can, the aforementioned grilled kebabs and chicken, pitas, roasted mixed-tubers (sweet and regular potatoes and three colors of carrots), and then yogurt sauce and minced veggies for the pitas. Later on, he made “Greek doughnuts”–yeast dough flavored with cinnamon and crushed walnuts, deep fried in balls an then drizzled with honey.

Of course, to say nothing of the enormous keg of beer and something like 40L of liquor and a dozen or so 6 packs of ciders and fancy beers. . .

It was a glorious weekend of food, friends, and fun :-D. Sadly I didn’t wind up running my RPG session as planned, but everything else was great!

Recommend me some quality Metal


Wow, I think Armando cooked all of Korea D:


Holy shit Armando.


Please tell me you got to collapse and everyone else cleaned up after that!

Lost chips, nuts and cranberries? I call Ambien walrus. Or the one that drank half a keg lol.


Nostalgia time! :)


So the wife came home. After making her dinner I did a Total Info Dump about Anova and sous vide.

She’s totally on board. Now calling her sister to tell her about it.

Boneless pork ribs ahoy! Pnotos to come.

BTW, welcome back Monsieur Penblade. Quite a Korean TID on your part as well. :)


A whole pack of the girls there descended upon the dishes with righteous fury. I did have to rescue my good knives from the washing machine twice, though! No respect…

Thanks, by the way, guys. I was super proud of the result, imperfect though it was!


What role did the Funyuns play in the cultural elements of Korea’s cuisine?


Junk food for my gf, who stayed in North Carolina to attend Moogfest because she’s a ridiculous music nerd :-D


The layout of scrumptious food y
Had new salivating. I have yet to try cooking Korean food but I love eating it. Pork bulgogi is my favorite although this joint I frequent does a mean hand thrown noodle dish with squid or shrimp that I crave. You’re going to need to give us online lessons for the chicken wings as those are awesome.


And the jumping spiders?

Kudos on a hell of a feast! I’m hugely impressed by your recovery from the two-hour delay. Food for large groups is difficult enough without any extra handicaps.


Good lord, @ArmandoPenblade. That is a fricking FEAST. You missed your calling as a chef, or caterer for that matter. But I get to see those awesome pictures and drool, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.


I would totally use the services of Penblade Catering. Prepping and cooking that much food is amazing and just a little bit crazy.


It now occurs to me that I was speaking inaccurately; the Funyuns you saw were just at the party. I actually did buy Funyuns during the big grocery trip ahead of the travel, but they aren’t visible in the groceries pics :)

The wings themselves are dead easy and not terribly complex. Divide 3lbs of chicken wings into the wingettes and drumettes and mix them with 1/2 tsp of salt and pepper plus about 2 tsp of minced ginger. Mix in between 1/4 and 1/3 cup each of AP flour and potato starch (or, if you can’t find that, cornstarch). Let stand for a few minutes for the breading to adhere to the chicken, then deep fry–in batches–at 350F for about 10-12 minutes, until coloring somewhat. Remove for 5-10m, then return to the fryer (in batches) at 375F for another 10-12 minutes until golden brown and so crunchy that raking a metal spoon over them sounds like you’re shoveling gravel :-D

Then serve with any one of several sauces![quote=“Courteous_D, post:5109, topic:50840”]
And the jumping spiders?

A sizable spider took up residence on our vaulted living room roof and crawled around up there for a few weeks. A friend bought me that sticker as a commemoration of his life (sadly, he actually died the day before she delivered said sticker).

Honestly I was almost sick with stress by the time I got there, but folks were super accommodating, and the hostess had a ton of snack foods (like the funyuns) to tide folks over. Just goes to show that I’ve got to leave even earlier next year :)

Thanks, dude :-D

I’d rank it among the top 25 dumbest things I’ve ever done, yes. But so worth it!