Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)

I was thinking more in terms of the remake culture of Bollywood films, e.g., 2014’s Hindi-language Queen getting full on remakes in Tamil (Paris, Paris) and Telugu as Queen Once Again

See also Chinese language movies, where movies (at least in Singapore) generally release in Mandarin, but pretty much all Chinese media features (Chinese) subtitles, so that people who speak various dialects can still watch them.

Singlish is fun, yeah.

I need me some gigi paste. I sometimes just throw garlic cloves + ginger into the food processor and let it go for a bit, I guess that’s close enough…but if there was good ginger/garlic in a tube, I’d consider it.

Laxmi isn’t bad as a brand. At least I’ve enjoyed using it. It’s jarred though, not in a tube.

I mean, I also have jarred ghee, but I’ve had homemade as well and it tastes better. Sometimes you just don’t want to go through the hassle.

My go-to is about 1/2 cup chopped ginger, 1/2 cup chopped garlic (roughly in particular for the garlic), 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, and 1 tsp kosher salt in my mixer-grinder’s smaller cup, blend to a fine paste on high speed. It lasts a week or two in the fridge and is enough to make 5-6 big recipes of curry.

Which reminds me to answer this.

So my Preethi brand Indian Mixer-Grinder is fuckin magical. It’s ludicrously powerful, has two blending cups and a bunch of blades and shit, and wasn’t very pricy at all. On the other hand, it has exactly zero safety features. Press switch, blades move, no questions asked.

So I had made myself some chicken tikka masala. And as I put my stick blender into the pot to blitz it smooth (gf hates to find onion or tomato pieces in her food) before adding the chicken, I realized my stick blender was broken.

Curry’s barely below boiling hot, it’s already like 8PM, and gf is hungry and cranky. So am I.

So I slop it all into the big cup of the Preethi. The lid just fits on with a thin cheap rubber ring to stop most leaks. But it’s just push on/pull off. Not exactly the tightest seal.

I recognize this is stupid. I recognize it’s phenomenally stupid. So I toss it in the fridge for five minutes to cool, wrap a towel completely around it, and then push the lid down with my full body weight while turning the switch. Surely that’ll be enough!

Of course, it is not enough. A rising torrent of boiling hot curry, half liquefied, comes swirling up the sides of the mixer-grinder, forces the lid partially off, spraying the towel and quickly me with a jet of pure lava. Shrieking, i fall back, barely managing to flip the switch off, but not before the lid just comes rocketing off as a tornado of curry hell swirls up, skyward toward my vaulted ceiling. Doesn’t quite make it there, so it settles for lazily spiraling outward to coat every fucking surface within 8 feet instead.

Chef pro tip: turmeric-laced curry stains carpet like a motherfucker (I was doing the blending on the gigantic island between my kitchen and living room areas. Never had something spray 3 feet clear across it before).

Good to know the towel is completely useless in these cases. Thanks for taking one for the team.

Just going to go make a mental note here to never fill above the half way line.

Still working through the pulled pork

Fish Tacos.

Looks absolutely gorgeous, @Nesrie and @MattN. Tragically, Chicken Chasni Balti isn’t nearly as photogenic (especially when the mint chutney you add is ludicrously overgreen and kinda stains your chicken green, too).

Yessss! I need some fish tacos.but I also need @MattN 's nachos. Let’s make it a theme night!

So I’ve got some steaks that were wet aged in cryovac. Would you guys repackage in Ziploc’s for a Sous Vide cook or just throw them in that way? I know I’ve read about people doing that, I’m just worried about any weird smell/tastes. I’m usually pretty anal retentive taking it out and washing it off beforehand.

Wouldn’t worry about off flavors, but you do want to at minimum add salt before cooking.

Yeah, I’m the same way. I’d open it, wash it, and add S&P and aromatics, then re-bag.

Good points, I was in a hurry to cut corners and forgot the obvious. I’ll pull, wash season and cook. I normally just buy fresh at the butcher but these were some Amazon Treasure Truck deal and I figured I would give em a try. They look really nice, that was my main concern I like to be precise when I pick. These are Porterhouses and they have a nice sized tenderloin. My wife and daughter get the filet sides and my boys get to “make do” with the strips. I like to torment them with a few scraps of tenderloin so they know what their missing…hehe Of course dad usually just gets the scraps from the carving…so obviously I’m doing something wrong.

Strip side is the best side. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Speaking of beef, there was a rib roast last week that I couldn’t pass up:

I really need to get some different plates:

Yo dawg, that looks amazing.

Dude, have you seen the scratched-up-ass, chipped-the-fuck-up plates I routinely present my food on in here? At least yours have a single color throughout!