Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Could it be like a nuclear chain reaction? One starts and the others explode as they’re breached, the more explode the faster the rest of the chain detonates.There is a lot of egg that comes flying out and steam explosions can be pretty powerful.

I wonder how many wildfires have been started by stupid people doing stupid crap like this. He nearly got speared by a piece of metal off the microwave, and I am seeing way too many “microwave dragged into the woods” experiments where they blow them up. Honestly it should be against the law since they’re technically making home-made electrical bombs.


That’s called natural selection, Jeff. It’s how we got here. Personally I’m all for there being less idiots in the world. If they want to save us the trouble by blowing themselves up, all the better. :)


Catching up from while I was gone, why don’t you meet your GF half way and make chicken pot pie instead? Delicious, crusty, and not far off from where you went with the dish in the first place.


Turns out that meat pies really freak her out. Can’t get over the mental expectation that pie be sweet.

I say having put a ton of time and effort into a huge batch of chicken pasties that she wound up hating. . .



Man, I feel bad for you. My homemade chicken pot pie is one of my winter favorites.


I feel bad for you as well. No pot pies or savory turnovers?

By the way, @Eric_Majkut that chicken masala looked delicious.


Sadly, as someone who lives in area prone to forest fires it seems most of ours are created the traditional ways, lightning, careless campers, arson and then weird stuff. Exploding microwaves though probably leaves bits of metal pieces everywhere and who knows whatever else lying all over the place.

I’m also mildly amused we got here via one potato explosionl.

@ArmandoPenblade you might try a meat cobbler. I have never one myself, but the concept is the same as the berry, apple oh so yummy cobblers and crumbles I do make. Maybe having biscuits on top will creep her out less since it’s not actually a pie.


Or maybe a shepherds pie? For cheapos like me substituting beef for the meat.


I have made this a few times, it’s pretty decent. Not as good as my new goto - Chef Step’s double crusted pot pie, but that sounds like it won’t be an option.


The poor girl hates beef and lamb alike.

Well, has convinced herself of that after several traumatic childhood experiences, at least.

Even after trying my brisket the other night and dubbing it “not horrible.”

. . . alas.

Tonight, though, is dependable chicken, cooked in British Indian Restaurant (BIR style) as Chicken Chasni. Tasty, and utterly inauthentic :-D



She’s wicked smart (in non-food taste areas, of course) and like twelve leagues above me, though, so a lot can be forgiven.


In my experience, the two fundamental differences between US and UK cuisine are that Americans can’t deal with savoury pies and they put cheese on everything. Also lamb.

Conversely, Brits can’t handle egg nog.


Yours are a wise people.


Hell no. Egg nog rules.


Just when I was feeling sympathy for your culinary plight, you go and pull a stunt like this. Back to the doghouse Armando, back to the doghouse indeed.


I’ve been told repeatedly there is good eggnog. All I’ve ever tasted is queasily thick off-tasting dairy loaded with enough nutmeg to kill a moose at thirty paces.

Maybe that is the good eggnog and I really am just crazy, though. Or British, apparently.


You aren’t wrong. There are many in America who swear to the palatability and even desirability of some very strange substances indeed. Egg Nog, Coors Light, Pork Rinds, and Dry White Chicken all come to mind.

The great thing about The United States of America is that it’s a free country. And those people are free to be wrong.


3 out of 4 isn’t bad. But, I swear, the thoughts on egg nog are just plain wrong.


I think egg nog is most commonly mixed with some sort of liquor.

But personally I love it without that and have always been sad it’s only available for a few weeks before Christmas.