Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


That would have been smart.

That was this one, which was a few days ago. (It was a lot more circular, @Ginger_Yellow, before I tried to slide it off into the oven.) We made another one last night, after getting the best tip from my sister: tons of corn meal on the peel. Slide the pizza around a bit after rolling the dough out, and after each topping, to be sure it’s still slippery enough. Last night’s was no trouble at all.



Holy shit that’s awesome, Eric.

I’m not nearly as well-versed in boardgames as some people on Qt3, but for my part, I really like it! Especially with the addition of the expansion pack. It’s flavorful, pretty fast, very interactive (to the point that I’m almost not sure why there are separate player-turns; I almost think it might be interesting to do a variant of Castle Panic using the silence rules from Meteor, actually), fairly strategic, but with plenty of goofy “random-screw” moments to throw your best-laid plans out the window.

P.S. - Homemade pizza is awesome! Go you, @Fishbreath :-D


You gave me the laugh of the morning, @Eric_Majkut. Thank you.



This is my go-to pizza dough recipe:
It’s pretty versatile, so you can stretch thin or keep thick. One minor edit: no olive oil in the dough.

For cooking, I do things differently. I place a pizza stone a couple of inches under the broiler. Set oven for 500f for an hour to warm up the stone then turn on broiler to high. The pizza cooks in about a minute or two and requires one turn to get things cooked even.



Ham bone is too big for stock pot, sooooo….


Et voila:

In the fullness of time, this should provide the base for a nice, baby-it’s-cold-outside split pea soup. We’ll see….


I’m excited to see where this goes! And any recipe that starts with a saw is going somewhere awesome.


Bah. I should have taken another picture before I put everything on to boil, when the veggies were still pretty. It’s simmering now, and the next stage is basically “toss out the bone, then purée the hell out of whatever is left.”


I use a hammer, which is less cool but easier and more fun. Since you already committed to getting a marrow taste by sawing it in half you might as well go whole hog.

Oh you are making pea soup, so not straining I take it. Never mind, carry on!

God damn it, now I want pea soup and ham.


Man, pea soup is not, by itself, photogenic. So here it is in a fancy bowl:


That is epic!


Today’s pizza is much more pizza-shaped:

I went with a little less yeast and a little less rise time, and got a crust which is just about right—still soft beneath the crispy, but not too much like bread.

Fishy Pizza Dough
2 cups all-purpose flour
.75 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
3 tbsp olive oil
1.75 tsp active dry yeast dissolved in 3/4 cup warm water

Stick it all in your stand mixer with the dough hook, or I suppose you could mix everything in a bowl and knead it by hand if you’re a glutton for punishment. If it’s sticky enough to adhere to your hand more than it adheres to itself, add flour by tablespoons until it doesn’t. Lightly brush a large bowl with olive oil. Put the dough in, flipping it to get even coverage. Cover with plastic wrap, let rise for 45 minutes or so. Coat your peel/work surface liberally with corn meal. Roll out the dough as desired, add your toppings, do the rest of the pizza thing. If you have problems with dough sticking to the peel, either use more corn meal, or shake the peel as you’re assembling the pizza to keep the dough from sticking, or both.

This makes a ~12" pizza with moderately thick crust, but it could easily be rolled out thinner. (I don’t have a peel or stone large enough for that.)

It seems to crisp up pretty well with the oven at 450. Cheese pizza took about 13 minutes, pepperoni took 14-15.


I was inspired to try paprikash, and so it’s now cooking in the pressure cooker. Will let you all know how it turns out.

Turned out good.
It’s not really much to look at, as it’s mainly one color. Also, I lacked egg noodles, so it’s on whole wheat shells.
After the pressure cooker:

After adding the sour cream:

Served up:

I started with the recipe on serious Eats, but used a pressure cooker rather than the slow cooker.


I will have to give that a try, i love simple dishes like this in the pressure cooker. Slow-cooker… not so much. Never met a piece of meat they couldn’t ruin.


The results of both types of cooking are extremely similar, but the pressure cooker is generally better, I’ve found. It has the ability to make meat tender to the point where if you were to cook it in a slow cooker it would disintegrate, but in the pressure cooker it’s still coherent.

My big thing though is that I never plan ahead long enough to use the slow cooker. I planned ahead enough to get a pork shoulder, but when I finally decided to cook it on Sunday, it was already 5 pm.

A pressure cooker is one thing that I’d consider an essential cooking tool, just because of what it lets you do.

Regarding the paprikash, as I said it turned out well. The flavor profile is quite nice, although I think I’d want to add some additional hot paprika or something, as it could use a bit more heat.

Also, I’d add mushrooms the next time. Because I like mushrooms, and I think they’d go well with the “stroganoffy” feel of the dish.


Questions! :)

Do you cover those with anything or do you cook it just like that? Also, what temp and how long do you cook it at? I would love that recipe. Is that potatoes underneath? Did you do anything for gravy as it looks like you won’t be abler to get gravy with the foil living.


I’m drowning in boardgames and Castle Panic is AWESOME. Run out and buy it and the expansion.


A Hacksaw?! OK, I have to worry about infection control all the time so my question runs along those lines… How the heck did you sterilize and make sure there were no contaminants cut into the bone(oily residue etc)?



Well, OK, that and a new blade, cleaned with a soapy scrubber, and rinsed with water from a hot kettle. Not laboratory sterile, but close enough for me.

I doubt I’ll be doing this often enough to take the next step, which would be to get an actual butcher’s cutting blade for the saw.


Sweet. Two recommendations just about seals it. I’m planning on running down to the local game shop soon, so I guess I’ll snag it then.