Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Roasted cauliflower and summer squash with a cream / cheddar sauce

Roasted brussels sprouts with some butter / salt on them

Tilapia with a crust made of parmesan cheese, hot paprika and parsley

And some scotch eggs for lunches this week because they’re cheap and delicious :D


Eric, all of that looks delicious. I should eat before clicking on this thread.


Scotch eggs! I haven’t made those in ages. So good!


I made some corn chowder

Modified version of the recipe here:


Give it


I will have to take a closer look at those flavors, they look great but I don’t think the rest of the family would appreciate them.

This is my go to corn ‘soup’ recipe. It’s amazing and it would be easy if it wasn’t such a pain in the arse to strain, even with a giant chinois.


Just started a pot of pigs feet soup. 4 feet, soybeans, garlic/ginger/star anise for flavor.


Interesting, I’ve never made it. No other veggies going in like onion/celery/carrot? I’m assuming the gelatin and flavor from the pigs feet add a great base to the soup for flavor.


Pretty much, yes. This is a Chinese style soup, so no traditional mirepoix element. Once it’s boiled and simmered, the feet break down and make a wonderful base. On some pieces, it’s literally coming apart, which exposes the marrow for a great treat when eating.

I’ll salt it a bit at the end of the simmering, but we eat the feet dipped into soy sauce, so that adds to the savory.


And now, semi-related, I want
ox tail soup. That sounds great though, Chowhound.


Tonight I gave steak a shot. This is a meal I eat very rarely, because I feel guilty spending that much money on myself, but we’ve had several “short” food weeks here recently due to all the travel, so I figured what the hell and bought two Choice NY Strip steaks at a total of 1.5lbs, plus some potatoes and green veggies.

Searing in a rocket-hot cast iron skillet with crushed garlic, thyme, rosemary, oil, and butter, basting and flipping on the regular.

The finished product with a twice-baked potato, the steak itself, some roasted asparagus (only slightly overdone), and some toasted Italian bread with Kerrygold butter.

I also made my partner a ziti bake–Ziti, shredded Italian 5-cheese blend, and some Classico 5-Cheese red sauce, plus olive oil and red wine, all mixed together, then topped with provolone and baked. She doesn’t really, you know, eat beef, so yeah >.>

No money-shot of the cut, because after the initial 6-7 minutes of cooking, my steak was much rarer than I prefer, so I cooked it again (yes, cut!). The result probably wouldn’t have been to Qt3s liking, but I enjoyed my dinner very, very much.


Fry bacon. Then caramelize onions in the bacon nectar. Then toss that all together with some slices of beef liver in a pan. Just a little salt and pepper on them. So good, but only every few months. Proceed to hate me haha :P


I want that right now


Sous vide or just pan cooked? That steak looks mighty fine, sir.

My dad used to always take me camping/hunting and have this as his first meal of the trip (since the meat would stay cold only for the trip to where we were going, usually.)

He went the traditional liver and onions route, but I like where you’re going with that bacon. I may have to make this.

Note: we usually had an onion or two left over, and combined with a potato that made for fried potatoes and onions the next day. So damned good.


Pan-cooked. I wound up cheaping out on the sous vide thing. I don’t think we’d get enough use out of it, and my kitchen is dangerously over-stuffed right now.


I find sous-vide mostly useful for seafood, as that can be challenging to cook properly and is nearly inedible overcooked. A sous-vide steak will come out better than pan-fried and finished in the oven, but not enough to be worth the extra effort.


Mine too, man. I can feel your pain. It’s like the Double-Stuffed Burrito of kitchens.

Regardless, that Steak looked awesome.


That steak looks awesome! If I have to pan fry, I do the same thing, but finish in the oven.

And the liver and onions with bacon is divine!


Thanks guys, y’all are awesome :)

And I really, really envy @Eric_Majkut’s diet, but given the insane pain my gall bladder has been giving me here lately, I know that I can basically never do a keto-style diet. The fat content would kill me :(


I do not agree with this at all. Extra effort? Sous vide is pretty much set and forget. Extra time, yes but there is very little effort in sous vide. No more than grilling or pan frying. And it’s far easier to get a great result than pan frying and oven finishing. Even the vacuum packing is no extra effort for me. I buy my steak and most meats in bulk. I then vacuum pack them in meal sized servings and freeze them. Since you can sous vide frozen meat, it’s simply a matter of tossing the already vac packed meat into a pot. With a little smart planning, you can have a nice steak finished and plate ready in a matter of minutes. I think sous vide reduces effort to be honest, allowing you to focus your cooking efforts in other areas.