Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


That’s largely true for seafood, but I find steak out of the bag very unappetizing and need to crust it. So then you need to get out the torch or sear it in a pan anyway, and the end result is more effort and taking vastly more time than just cooking it normally.


I can’t believe no one called me out for “bacon nectar”!


Finished product. Still a whole bunch left over, so that’s great!


I must disagree with the idea that sousvide is a hassle. It’s super easy to use a torch, and it actual cooking takes basically zero thought… and it always comes out exactly perfect, every time, no matter what. It’s virtually impossible to screw up.


Baked ziti with little meatballs. Home made San Marzano sauce. Layered first. Layer of pasta. Layer of seasoned ricotta. Layer of shredded mozzarella. Layer of pasta. Layer of home made beef and sausage meatballs. The rest of the sauce. Rest of the mozzarella. Top with grated parmigiano Reggiano.


That looks damn good. I’d be all over that, as I have a strong love for big pasta…I used to make a lot of that sort of thing (but not lately, below my entirely homemade lasagna. The only thing I didn’t make was the cheese.):

I made some really good thomas keller butternut squash soup this week that I’ll probably make again soon, as it was one of most luxurious soups I’ve ever made:


Lovely lasagna! And I also love Keller’s recipes as well. I was going to use rigatoni for mine but the store had none. Weird.

Edit: I have seen simple recipes to make my own ricotta. I really want to try it one day.


That soup does look awesome. I did one of Keller’s roast chicken recipes, and I’d swear it didn’t amount to more than “rain salt on the chicken, then roast it,” but damn if it wasn’t really good chicken.

Flank steak, green beans with almonds and caramelized shallots, rice with toasted pine nuts:

It looked prettier in person. Also better suited to a cool evening rather than the late summer heat wave we’re currently enjoying, but the “OMG can you make dinner?!” call came in the afternoon, and this was quick and easy. Toasted pine nuts are one of the greatest secret weapons ever.


That looks and sounds great to me. Excellent color on that flank steak!


For earlier food. Cross section before dousing with more sauce.


Loving the steak and the pasta alike. My second try at steak didn’t really go much better than the first, but here’s a picture of the attempt nonetheless:

Last night, I gave Japanese fare a third try and am really starting to feel comfortable with these recipes:

Vegetable curry, white medium-grain sticky rice, a panko-crusted fried pork cutlet, and miso soup with wakame seaweed, tofu, and green onions. Tasty meal :)


Looks awesome as usual, sir!


So after the liver recently I was thinking about how I’ve never tried chicken livers. I mentioned this to a co-worker and he made me aware of the existence of rumaki. It’s basically chicken livers and water chestnuts marinated in soy sauce / ginger / garlic / brown sugar, then wrapped in bacon and put into the oven for a while. Oh man, so good. Made them as sort of an appetizer to go along with a strip steak and some asparagus. Put some bleu cheese on there because why the hell not? :P


I skipped breakfast this morning. Your pic is killing me right now, good lord does that look and sound good.

How long do you marinate the chicken livers? And how much of the marinade flavor comes through?


I’d hit it


I just dumped the livers and water chesnuts into a bowl full of soy sauce / ginger / garlic. Isn’t that how you marinate anything? :P The flavor comes through in the water chestnuts much more than the liver. Really the chestnuts are mostly there just for texture (the crunch) and to transport the salty/gingery/garlicky flavor from the marinade. :)


Well made chopped chicken liver is sublime. And impossible to find near me.


Chopped liver is easy to make, the hard part is properly caramelizing the onions. Takes forever to do it right. Any excuse to make gribenes is worthwhile in my book.


Raw chicken liver is one of the most disgusting things ever.

Cooked properly, it can be amazing.

I do not, however, know how to cook it properly.


There are a few things that I’d just rather buy made. Anything with liver tops the list. But point taken.