Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


That’s some serious business looking falafel


I got the idea for this after looking at a few French and British recipes. I’m guessing this kind of pie is more prevalent in Europe, as opposed to the creamy pies here.

And now I’m craving falafel.


Perhaps the single greatest compliment my cooking has ever received stems from that falafel.

A good friend, who swore up and down she wasn’t picky but is, in fact, insanely picky told me repeatedly she hated falafel and avoided it at all costs after multiple bad experiences with it.

When I gave a bunch of leftover food to her and her roommate a few months ago, she eventually got jealous seeing the roomie plowing through falafels unassissted and decided to eat one. . . and promptly fell completely in love, eating all that remained.

Single-handedly changing someone’s strongly held opinion on a dish is, uh, quite the feeling to feel as a cook :)


I actually had some really terrible falafel two weeks ago… I think it was actually the first time I ever didn’t like falafel. I’m not super picky, but man, it was just gross. Mealy, flavorless, mushy garbage.

So now I know that bad falafel exists.


I’ve had mushy falafel cooked in oil that had started to turn (or maybe just used too many times). It can be hell.


Pies here are basically stews in a crust.


The ones I saw must have been outliers then.


But pork pie? Cornish pasty?

Rich’s pie looks a lot like the Quebecois tourtière. Different spices, though.

And now I’m all hungry, and there is no quick fix for meat pie hereabouts…


Now I need to make a run to the Pasty Kitchen this weekend. Damn good stuff!


Cheeseburger Pizza

Store bought crust. Whole San Marzano tomatoes, drained. The juice reserved for other things. The actual tomatoes seasoned with onion and garlic powder, dried oregano and S&P. Not cooked. Usually I don’t cook my pizza sauce as the baking will do that just enough. A layer of sauteed beef and pork. Grated sharp cheddar. And finally hamburger dill slices.


Looks great. Cheeseburger pizza is a thing that’s so stupid it shouldn’t work, but is in fact so stupid that it comes around the other end and is great.

Although, I actually prefer taco pizza, which is more or less identical but with jalapenos instead of pickles.


I normally don’t really like homemade pizza much, but that looks amazing.


That looks good but since I do not like pickles at all that would not work for me. But swap out the pickles for Jalapenos and Id be all over it!


Made fried chicken, though from a mix.


I mean that looks pretty fucking delicious :-D


Yeah, looks real good.


I wouldn’t kick it out of bed.

No for real, I’d probably be willing to eat that in bed.


Between awesome cheeseburger pizza and fried chicken from heaven, I think I could die a good life. Both look awesome.

Rich, I’ve taken a fondness for pickles post 35ish as they really balance and brighten the flavor of things in a way I did not appreciate when I was younger. I approve of the pickle per slice arrangement.

And Tyler too, how was that breading mix? Do tell. It looks crispy as all hell, which is a great thing.


So I finally got around to making the palak paneer Armando posted.

Before the spinach, here’s the spices and tomatoes all cooked down:

And here is the final product:

Made it kid friendly so it has no spice to speak of (I am sad), but it was still delicious.


Okay this is so cool! I made that same recipe tonight, along with a new one I threw together to replicate a cabbage and cauliflower dish I had at an Indian buffet the other week. Let’s compare!

I’m really glad you enjoyed it!