Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Can I just say I love the ever-living hell out of Hmart? Ours has a great food court as well, so I can get dubu kimchi jae yook bokum to-go after I’m done shopping. Days when I spend 2.5h grocery shopping for the next 7-10 days of cooking are days when I don’t feel like ALSO cooking.



Damn, don’t show me more Korean recipes now, dude. I’m already at the breaking point of what I can physically handle producing :-D

But yeah, HMart is basically fucking magical. I love that place so much and get so happy when I visit.

Menu preview:


I bet fresh would have been better but I have literally never used it so I can’t really compare. I am considering changing that but I feel like November is probably not really prime corn season.


Are you making Kimchi yourself? That would be pretty adventurous/cool.

Very solid looking menu. What kind of flour for the Pa jun? I’ve often used white wheat flour, or 50/50 mix with rice flour. Rice gives it that gumminess that I love. Hmmm…DdukBokGi…


No homemade kimchi or doenjang/gochujang pastes. Most everything else is from scratch. Just don’t have the space or time for either of those enterprises, hah.

I hadn’t heard of the rice flour alternative and don’t think I have any, sadly. When I do my final grocery run tonight to grab remaining veggies, I’ll look and see if they have any rice flour in the Gluten Free section, though :)




I’m going to need your home address.


You guys need to stop talking about H Mart, it looks amazing and there are none of them in Florida! :/



Armando could have purchased 80% of his meal ready to go from there. They have a huge section at mine for pan chan:

Also, the one by me has a french/asian baker “Tour le Jour”. They have cute cakes too.


Had cute cakes out at mine, too!

My gf even loves it because of the huge section of K-beauty stuff from Tony Moly and all the other brands she likes so much.






What arrendek said. I will now go to the basement tool room and lie in the fetal position for a bit. The spider webs will be my only blanket to warm me from the cold of unrequited culinary love.


I had no idea that H Mart existed until now. I googled it and they have a store less than 10 miles from me. Ill have to go check it out!



My local H Mart is just a home goods store. But there is a G Mart close by that is pretty damn amazing.


I’ve only been to H Mart in New Jersey but it is an awesome experience: anything Asian food related, a huge amount of regular grocery goods, an insane variety of produce, fish, frozen goods, etc. Plus the fresh foods and the small add on shops.

I can see how it is so popular.


I have a H-mart in the same parking lot with a MarketBasket (local area grocery store, inexpensive and good, but doesn’t always have everything you want), with a cheap liquor store nearby and a Wegman’s (fancier regional grocery store) nearby. Now I just need one of the local indian/pakistani stores to open nearby. I guess I could hit the local Penzy’s on the way home, but I prefer to buy my spices from local stores where they are far cheaper.


Within a five minute drive from my work I can hit the Indian, Japanese, Korean or Chinese grocery stores. It’s nice.


Yeah, traditional brands like McCormick’s in their little jars can have an outrageous mark-up. I was astonished when I started paying closer attention to the various prices.

Out of necessity, I picked up some Spice Islands garam masala at Kroger a while back, and felt like such a chump knowing that I was paying at least twice what I could find it for at the international market across town—or even three aisles over, if the Shan stuff was in stock in the “Asian foods” section.


Down here, Badia is the much cheaper and just as good alternative, if the spice falls within general or Mexican cuisine related.