Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


This is true. A large-ish 2 person serving is like 1/4 cup or so.


Beware the fiending popcorn in movie theatres. It comes at night… mostly.


I bought a pound of popcorn something like 3 years ago. Thankfully still pops. But yeah, a pound is a lot.


I got the below popcorn back in 2015, and I recently finished off the first 27 oz bag. So that’s almost 3 years.

Great popcorn, too.


So, how much do I make popcorn? I go through about 2-3 of those 4lb’ers a year. If I take stuff to a lot of parties, it’s more than that. Crazy, I know.

I run about 1/3 of a cup for 2-person, which leaves a little left over, usually. But as an example, when I go out on the boat during the summer, we tie up with a ton of other folks, so it is not uncommon for me to make a tub that’s a full cup of unpopped corn (3 batches in the whirley pop.) And it will be gone within a couple of hours. For the local bar during big events, it isn’t uncommon for me to make 3 tubs worth.

EDIT: I put popcorn in a sealable rubbermaid containter if we have leftovers, and it will remain tasty for quite some time afterward.


You sir are a veritable popcorn fiend.


My boating friends call me the Crack Fiend because the flavor everyone loves the most it the one for crack corn.



Braised a pound or so of pig’s feet just now. I found this new dark soy sauce that I wanted to try over my regular one, So far so good! It’s got the nice color and a pleasant taste, and I’m going to jump in as soon as the rice is done!


I still have a tiny piece left in my fridge. I seriously thought about evacuating it during this last wildfire.


Priorities. :)


Made some more Thai food the last two nights. Last night was more drunken chicken, less blurry and more saucy (maybe a bit too much) with some Thai corn fritters loaded with chilies and cilantro (no tofu cuz mine went bad a month before its expiration date -.-).

Then, tonight, Thai green curry with red potatoes, green beans, chicken, and some Thai basil. It was spicy as hell! Plus, also made some Asian-inspired panko-crusted crabcakes stuffed with Thai chilies, Kaffir lime leaves, fish and oyster sauces, and garlic. Tasty times! Oh, and a homemade spicy-sweet dipping sauce :)


I want to eat a hundred of those.


Oh, check this out.
This isn’t a thing I cooked, but I know some of you guys Fry stuff, and this technique for cleaning oil seems nuts.


I made a bunch of pizza dough today, and then a pizza.


That’s super gorgeous dude! Nicely done. Baking steel ftw


Nice blistering on the veggies. I’d be all over that.


That pizza crust looks excellent. Much better than the dominoes I had over the weekend. :(

Timex, I read that gelatin article a while back, it makes sense. Brewers and homebrewers can use gelatin to remove particles from beer in a similar fashion, so can those making wine. It pulls any large particles to the bottom, where they can be left after moving the rest of the liquid off the top.

But for oil, I was amazed at his results.


It was very interesting to me, even though I have no real use for the technique. But I know some folks here deep fry stuff more often, so I figured I’d share.

The pizza experiments are continuing. I made another pizza yesterday, and it was better. The dough was much chewier, having rested for a day in the fridge. Supposedly you can let it sit for up to 5 days in the fridge, so I plan on making another thing every day. I’m thinking Stromboli today… Then I’ll have one more ball for tomorrow.


We had our usual Christmas Party, and to mix it up, I made home-made english style sausage rolls, using approximately this recipe:

Rather than “sausage meat” listed there, I used a mixture of ground pork and a couple sliced of chopped up bacon. Mixture was kind of a compromise between the sausage rolls recipe and the mini pork pie one, but wrapped in puff pastry. I’ve been thinking about savory baking recently, and this was a pretty easy attempt.

I forgot to take pictures.

Overall, B+, would make again, there’s lots of opportunities for experimentation.


Day three of pizza dough, Stromboli.