Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Kids. I cut it so if they only eat half (or part of a half), I can eat the rest without worrying about catching something from school. As a man, I’m double as the family garbage can.


I almost never cut a sandwich. It’s mostly just laziness. Although I cut like crap, so it ends up mushing my sandwich mostly when I do try it. As a kid, my sandwiches had to be cut diagonally though. If I ever do cut sandwiches, it’d still be diagonally.

Yet, I do cut toast usually.


I cut diagonally. The pointy ends fit into the mouth a lot better that way. And I think it is more esthetically pleasing as well.


If the sandwich seems sloppy I will cut, usually diagonally, but in general laziness and hunger win the day and I just grab it and bite without cutting.


I think you might need a sharper knife.


There’s hell to pay in my house if anyone even glances at the dishwasher with one of my good knives in hand.


I approve, Nesrie.

I’m anal about keeping my knives sharp as well. I’ve posted my sharpening obsession a few times.


I’m still get the hang of it myself, but I’ve moved onto to some nicer forged knives, and I’m trying! it drives me nuts when I am at a friend or family member’s house and they give me a really dull knife to use.


I’ve been known to take my sharpening stuff with me over the holidays and end up two weeks later getting updates about cut fingers.

It’s a badge of honor.


I feel like I’ve posted this same meal in this thread five times. Because it’s kind of a classic and I do it once or twice a month when I’m feeling particularly carnivorous. But my steaks have definitely improved over time. Check out the crust on this sumbitch!

Even a bit rare in the middle still!

Think I need to stop being afraid of upping the temp a bit more. Quicker sear would give me similar crust but with a pinker center. I think.


They’re so use to using their dull knives they don’t know you don’t have to put your back into it when you use a sharp knife. Also, they might not know the knuckle as a guide trick.

Maybe when I get better I will offer to fix a few knives myself. Practice makes better!

I am not sure if you have or not that but that looks pretty darn awesome.


I have a lot of cooking to do tomorrow for the family dinner so I kind of cheated for the gift exchange party today and made this, basically puffed pastry and nutella. They liked it so much only the star and one “churro” (that’s what the recipe calls it not me), was left.


You did good. I would eat the stuffing out of that.


I don’t normally care for bleu cheese on steak (I assume that’s what that is) but that looks delicious.


That’s really pretty, Nesrie, as well as looking tasty.


Oh hell yeah, nice one, Nesrie. Puff pastry is magic.

And that’s a gorgeous plate of food, @Eric_Majkut. Makes me wish it were feasible for me to cook steak at home more often :(

I will cut sandwiches and sandwich-adjacent foods when cross-sections are vital (e.g., pictures) or when the contents are so lava-hot that the additional cooling power is a net benefit to the mouths of all involved. The messier the sandwich though, the less likely I am to cut it, which usually seems to degrade the already perilous structural stability.

Always-requested Chinese food for parents, part the 1st. Kung pao chicken, with Sichuan peppercorns, although I forgot the red chilies, hah. But dad said he preferred that; he bit into one by accident a couple of X-mas’es ago and has been traumatized ever since. Plus some spicy veggie lo mein with some nicely char-seared snow peas, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, onion, and broccoli. Plus some roasted peanuts and wonton strips.

Tonight’ll be General Tso’s, fried rice, and some American-Chinese buffet-style “Chinese doughnuts.”

Then tomorrow is full on nut-balls crazy. Copy-pasting menu from Evernote, cuz I’m too lazy to type it all again.

Christmas Menu
[]Chicken and Vegetable Iraqi-Indian Fusion Biryani
[]Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast
[]Ultra Buttery Mashed Potatoes
[]Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping
[]Randy’s Infamous 7-Cheese Mac n Cheese
[]Green Beans Almondine with Fried Shallots
[]Cran-Pecan-Apple-Goat Cheese Spinach Salad with Maple-Cider Vinaigrette
[]Cheddar-and-Herb Beer Bread
[]Chocolate-Chip Cheesecake
[]Bourbon-Pecan Pie
[]Mulled Wine with Spices and Orange Peel


More squash so my family can pretend they eat vegetables. Question, I am gonna get there in four hours do I just let it get cold and reheat later? I think if I cover it will overcook.

Also I learned why one is more crispy. The metal pan is better, the aluminum sucks.


Christmas Eve Dinner

I made everything, by choice, except those cookies.

I’ll be joining the other part of my family for breakfast… shortly, and they’ll have cooked that.


I made the family traditional German apple pancake for breakfast, with some mulled cider and bacon

What started as a ‘let’s try something different’ 5 years ago has become the holiday breakfast of choice.


That looks awesome @Nesrie


Do want.