Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


If you make a loaf, I’m curious to see how it turns out. Homemade eggnog is one of those things I’m perennially meaning to try and have never quite gotten around to.


Sure, that and brick chicken. If you’ve never made brick chicken, you should add that to your oeuvre.


Your grill cheese comment sold me. Gonna get that cast iron grill press!


Live shot from Armando’s kitchen:


Obnoxiously, my package arrived 30 minutes after I’d finished eating lunch today, so no test till tomorrow. That said, I was pleased with today’s result, too.


At the rate you are consuming giant burgers I would be concerned with your ability to use said implement


Yes, you can’t eat that every day dude.


Even if it is one of the more delicious (looking) ways to die!


The downside of your girlfriend not eating beef is that when you buy the smallest possible portion of ground beef (a pound), you get to eat it all yourself.

On the other hand, each of these is secretly only a quarter pound of beef smooshed reaaaal flat. And not a crazy amount of mayo, cheese, etc. The fried egg don’t help, so yes, no worries, this is not my eternal meal plan :)


I am conflicted about eggs in sandwiches. See, I like them runny and undercooked, but then they you know, run all over my pants.

I could overcook it, but then what’s the point of the egg?


You can’t overcook it. The tool needs to be runny, so that it forms a kind of sauce.



My mom used to make these muffins when I was a kid. I hadn’t made them for a while as my muffin tins had got so bad I had to use the muffin baking cup liners and these muffins really stick so you find yourself trying to scrape the muffin off with your teeth, kind of like you do with an artichoke but then you end up eating a lot of paper.

So for Christmas, I asked for a new non-stick muffin tin! And today I made my favorite muffins, Orange Grapenut muffins. The fresh grated orange peel and orange juice combine with the grapenuts to make this out-of-this world flavor and texture that has just a bit of crunch. So awesome!

I found the same recipe my mom used here:


I just made some mac and cheese from scratch in the instant pot.


What is the stuff that’s not Mac and cheese in there?


Looks like diced up ham.


That is correct.


First entry here, hame bone soup from this recipe:


That’s nearly the same thing my wife does - but she adds a packet of lipton onion soup mix. I was skeptical but damn if doesn’t hit all the right notes.

She does the same thing with turkey or chicken carcasses as well. Onions, Carrots and Celery combined with just about anything is a great base.


Onion packet on top of the chicken broth? Will try that next time!