Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


The CI review above said the same thing, I know I wouldn’t trust my Oster, but if they stick it in the marketing copy…

Sounds like the 5200 is the blender to get but the blendtec does ice better. If I pay ~$400 for a blender I want it to blend all the things with equal skill. However it sounds like the only way that would work is if you had two different shaped pitchers for each task.


I <3 my Magic Bullet. Perfect for making smoothies.

The biggest reason is that it’s so much easier to clean than a traditional blender.


I started doing that (clean by filling it with hot soapy water, and let it blend for 30 seconds or so) when I saw that’s how the guys at smoothie places do it. Depends on the model, and what was blended of course.


Goddamn Wirecutter. I just bought a $30 can opener. Of course their real recommendation was a $12 manual one but I must have toys!


Oooh, I’ll have to check that recommendation, I need a new can opener.


Tots 4 life. high five


Did someone say Tots?


The greatest fried potato product!


Amen, brother.


Incorrect. The greatest fried potato product is waffle fries.


I’m detecting a pattern here.


A pattern of knowing what the fudge I’m talking about!


Skillet Baked Orzo and Shrimp (from Pasta Revolution) made this weekend.

Chicken and Chile Fundido from How to Cook Everything Fast made tonight.

First time I’ve ever cooked with orzo or poblano peppers but it went pretty smoothly and they are both yummy. I was surprised how filling the orzo was.


Those both look delicious, man. Frequently I skip dinner, then later in the evening I happen to drop by this thread. And every time it is a mistake. Now I’m hungry.

The chicken chile fundido sold it.


Whoa. That looks amazing. I very much want that right now. And I don’t even know what Fundido is. I just want.



It’s queso fundido - big ol whack of melted cheese, often done with chorizo, but this recipe mixes in ground chicken, poblanos, onions and tomatoes instead. (And there’s another one that just does red peppers.)

Strictly speaking it’s supposed to be fully Monterey Jack or Oaxaca, but I could find neither, so I used a mix that included the former.


If you run into that again, you can sub mozzarella for Oaxaca pretty easily. If I sat fresh versions of both in front of you, you’d have a -really- hard time distinguishing them.


I would not have predicted that.


We keep a few different Mexican cheeses on hand because my girlfriend loves to cook with them. One that I think would be good in that fundido would be queso Chihuahua, a decent tasting cheese that melts well.


I have leftover chipotles in adobo after making chili. What’s everyone’s favourite use for them?