Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


Sadly, my GF has banned American cheese because in her words it’s “gross.” She likes cheese but she likes the real stuff. I’ll make a grilled cheese with cheddar and it’s good, but it’s not as good as one with regular American cheese.


I actually produced something like this for my best friend’s Xmas present last year, albeit focused on my Indian recipes, and sans pictures. I wrote it for someone who actually has a fairly severe capsaicin allergy, hates cilantro (soap taste mutation), and yet really loves Indian food, so there’s lots of extra instructions about things to replace chilis and paprika with and similar, but yeah :)

So picky! Tbh fresh corn is rarely worth the hassle, and frozen and canned are generally just fine for me. I’ll break out the fresh stuff every so often when it’s in season and cheap, but shucking it, picking out all the hairs, slicing it off the cob without taking a few fingers along with it. . . nah. The flavor benefit is rarely worth the effort expended, and that’s coming from me.


I usually just shuck it, rub it with olive oil, salt, and pepper, roast it at 500F until brown, then eat it. I agree cutting it off the cob is a huge pain in the buttocks.

Sharp cheddar is fine on a grilled cheese, you just need to mix it with a mild cheese that melts well like monterey jack, in like a 1:2 ratio.


Oh man, speaking of corn we have gotten way into elotes. Which we do when sweet corn is in season. Otherwise I do “salad” version of this.
I follow the serious eats recipe mostly.

Except I use frozen corn, because I don’t have time to shuck fresh. You just nuke it a bit to get it thawed and let it drain, as the hot skillet will help remove moisture/brown the kernels. I also substitute mexican crema instead of mayo (if I have it) and add a bit of cayenne pepper for a kick.

It is so flipping good though.


Trader Joe’s actually has a pretty good frozen roasted corn product.

Like @stusser, I prefer fresh corn. I rank it thusly:
1.on the grill in the husk the microwave in the husk the oven in the husk

But even here in California you cannot always get it. So I’m not afraid of the frozen. And I think of the recipe @ArmandoPenblade put up as a way to make up for some of the frozen-ness.

Also my kid has braces now so I have to cut all the corn of the cob anyway. When he’s eating corn. He’s a picky eater. Like his mom.



Fight me.


Similar to my method. Olive oil, salt, paprika, oregano, rosemary. Roll it in the seasoning and oil, then cook until brown (preferably over the gril).


Grilling is definitely better, but I live in an apartment and can’t do it. Trick is to shuck the corn before grilling it, so it gets those little burnt bits.


Stusser, you are a man on the side of all that is good right now.


I made braised chicken thigh puttanesca for the wife tonight.

Big pan, screaming hot, browned on the skin side. San Marzano tomatoes rough chopped. Olives, capers, anchovy paste, tomato paste, a touch of pepperoncini. Oregano, S&P. Nestled the chicken in the sauce keeping the crisp skin out of liquid so that it stayed that way.

A picture you say? Well… I was too slow.


Further attempts at biscuitdom. In this case, did use a cutter, and re-rolled the dough for spares, so the quality slowly diminishes as you go left :)

The flakiness finally started to come together, and the tenderness and flavor are excellent. I’m liking my recipe more and more.

Full breakfast: some marbled fried eggs with sriracha, slightly overdone sausage, biscuits, and some hash browns with cheese and chives :)


Are you doting your eggs with ketchup? I am not judging the ketchup or maybe hot sauce part just curious about the dotting.


Pretty sure that is the sriracha mentioned.

Although some people definitely do put ketchup on them.


You’re right I overlooked he mentioned the sauce there. I’ve never seen it dotted like that before. My friends, and they like spicy, just squeeze it out in mounds.


Looking good! Although you could have used all that sausage for gravy instead ;-)


This person biscuits. :)


I really want an even spread of the Sriracha, without overwhelming the egg with unnecessary spice, so the dots help out with that!

I do like ketchup as well, but like Sriracha slightly more.

Eh, my gf likes her blackened sausage chips a lot, and when you cook it that dark, the gravy you can make in there does NOT look very nice ;-)


In keeping with my earlier posts about teaching my son some cooking techniques, I did Phase One of teaching him how to roast a whole chicken. He was reluctant at first, because Monday is his have-to-cook day, but because of timing and stuff I wanted to teach him on Friday night. I said, “Look. This is a skill you’re gonna be happy to have someday. Nobody taught me this. I’m teaching you and it’s going to pay off! So let’s go to the kitchen.”

He put down his phone and there we went.

[I say Phase One because teaching these lessons takes repetition, IMO.]

I use a technique from “Cook’s Illustrated” that starts the chicken thigh-side down in a hot cast iron skillet, to give the dark meat a “head start” as they say. Roasting it to temp, and then turning off the oven and letting residual heat bring it up to full heat. It turns out perfect every time.

Here’s what we produced:

My kid was pleased. I taught him to carve it, which grossed him out, but he loved the flavor. Although, much to @ArmandoPenblade’s probable delight, he prefers the way we roast just chicken breasts.

Anyway, it’s provided at least five meals. Which is a really good deal. Today I used the rest of the chicken to make a BBQ chicken pizza. Not my favorite, but @Jason_McMaster gave me this awesome Bar-B-Que sauce for Christmas (you can reference the Secret Santa thread for details on that), so I figured I’d try to make it happen.

It worked out very nicely:



Other than a disturbing lack of red onion on that pizza, well done. You’re doing your son a solid service by teaching him these things.


That’s a good looking bird.