Tell us what you have cooked lately (that's interesting)


The whole “Wholesome Mom/Wife Lifestyle + Cooking Blog” is so done to death. If someone wanted to really capture my attention they would start a blog fondly reminiscing about the grueling D&D campaign they were playing when they first introduced their friends to their locally-sourced artisinal organic GMO-free gluten-free guacamole.

It would probably be just as pretentious but way more fun to read.


That’s pretty much exactly how I envisioned the Armandoblog.

(plus clits, right 'Mando?)


Hell, considering most of my big-batch cooking these days is done in service of boardgame parties and Blizzcon watch parties at my buddy James’s, Monday night RPG gatherings at my buddy Adam’s, or big holiday party/firepit nights at my buddy Marisol’s, I could probably take that angle ;-)

I will end you, 'tusser!


I have thankfully been able to mainly stick to cookbooks and sites that cut straight to the recipes or at least only preface with a little discussion of theory and technique, but I have heard a lot of people bitch about that style of internet cooking blog. :p


I cook maybe 4% of the recipes, but I read Seriouseats and Eater daily. It’s entertainment content for me. Not the recipes themselves which aren’t entertaining, but their experiences in developing them and the great photography. Same with cooking shows on YouTube, I don’t plan on sous videing an entire leg of lamb anytime soon, but I enjoyed watching Guga make and Ninja eat that sucker.


I’m trying to cut out salt. I like Newman’s Own Peach Salsa but it just has too much sodium because when I eat it it’s several servings since they are only like a tablespoon or two.

Does anyone have a peach salsa recipe they like that isn’t spicy at all?


Isn’t that, like, peach jam?


Okay, stusser. You just made me laugh out loud. Thank you.



You’re thinking of pearl jam. Made in the Hawaiian islands.


Not really. It is tomato based like regular salsa, and it has flavors to it that aren’t like jam. It just goes well with tortilla chips with melted cheddar cheese on them.


Blueberry and pineapple are also good.


“It’s Alive” has a new episode out. It’s not strictly about cooking, but it is about cooking in the long run.

I just love this guy.



Too much wording, not enough cooking

Roasted eggplant with mince, almost Turkish but not enough mint to be authentic


Does anyone have the Ninja Foodi? My wife just saw the infomercial and is convinced she wants one. It looks like it is basically an pressure cooker with a crisping lid (hot coils + a fan). If it works it could be pretty good. The claim is that iti is something like an Instapot that can crisp.

SamsClub actually has it for $10 cheaper and it would be easier to return.


Every weekend I make something a bit decadent.

This weekend it was banoffee pie.

It is very easy to do. You could possibly go wrong by using rubbish caramel maybe.

It was, to put it mildy, well received.

So much so that I noticed it had been nibbled at by various parties during the nights.


I had never heard of this banofee pie before and went looking for recipes. Bananas and toffee/Carmel in a Graham cracker crust! I can’t believe never tried it.

Although - the recipes I’ve found all use sweetened condensed milk cooked until it caramelized instead of actual carmel. You said you use actual carmel?

Thanks for widening my culinary knowledge with something so decadent!


It is caramel. When the first wife and I were starving hippies we’d boil a can for a few (4?) hours and eat the caramel out of the can. Make sure that you don’t boil away all of the water or BOOM!


To add to what RichVR said, it’s a damn easy set and forget sous vide recipe:

To add more than some blog link to the thread, but also to junk it up with over-the-top comfort food, we went three layers deep over the weekend with reusing leftovers.
Leftover taco meat and grated cheese from Thursday combined with leftover pasta made for a dish on Friday to make Saturday’s TacoMac (mac and cheese with taco meat mixed in.) Leftover TacoMac from Saturday was added along with pepper jack cheese to a quesadilla snack on Sunday to make TacoMac quesadillas. They were pretty damned good, to be honest. I feel fatter just typing this, but hey, the fridge is cleaned out.



Digestive biscuits or bust!

I’m actually curious as to how it would work with other biscuits, e.g. hob nobs or even Graham Crackers (although I never did figure out why they’re pronounced Gram crackers…)

I made mine in the slow cooker.

Condensed milk, high heat 4 hrs, gave a very light brown caramel, slow heat 10 hrs gave a very dark dark, almost smokey caramel.

8 hrs, low setting is the trick, and what I’ll use in the future.

Also, “real caramel” is a thing too, and I shall be trying that soon. Looks easy enough.

Also, because no-one ever seems to know:the difference between caramel and toffee.


Good info, thank you for this! I’ll attempt it next time caramel popcorn comes up for a request.

Per that “real caramel” recipe, I’ve used to make caramel popcorn a lot as giveaways for holidays. One thing that always struck me is that, being very similar to that recipe you linked, it had one additional item that always intrigued me: a teaspoon of baking soda.

When you add that in at the end, along with vanilla and salt, a chemical reaction of some sort takes place, and the caramel goes from darker and stiffer to more creamy and runny. I honestly don’t know what it does exactly, but it always amazes me when I get to that part and stir it in and watch the transformation.