Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).


Aaaand wrong thread to post about my pizza cooking adventures. Those are some fine looking wings. Our local vietnamese bakery makes killer fried bao. Ug. So good.


Never had them fried. It sounds good. Maybe I could bring some home and give them a quick brown on the stovetop.


Oh, I forgot to mention this. The week before last I indulged in an ‘Amore A Prima Vista’ burger at a local pub that does really great food.

Homemade burger, beef dripping mac ‘n’ cheese, slow cooked beef rib, HP and Lea & Perrins glaze, lettuce, tomato, onion rings, Swiss cheese, caramelised onions and chunky chips. It was a monster but, oh god, it was tasty.


Aptly named, indeed. I would scarf on that like no tomorrow, and then be due for a nap after about 1/3 of it.


Everything looked great on that burger except the mac ‘n’ cheese, sounds pretty unecessary. However beef drippings in my mac? Why the hell not.

One of my saddest days was when the vegans got mcdonalds to ruin their fries by no longer using beef tallow to cook them in.


Hehe, to be fair, I saw the beef dripping mac ‘n’ cheese on the starters and was tempted, but I wasn’t having starters, just a burger. Then I saw it in one of their burgers and thought, fuck it, why not.


Now I understand. Yeah, that’s how my brain works too.


That looks amazing.


I can’t be doing with burgers that are physically too large to fit in your mouth. It’s bad enough than gourmet burger buns tend to disintegrate by the time you’re halfway through. How would that burger not be improved by having the mac and cheese as a side?


Hah, you and me both @Ginger_Yellow! I totally agree. I tend to eat these with my knife and fork. Unfortunately, aside from the usual major chain joints, I can’t find anywhere that does great burgers that aren’t jaw-dislocating stacks of doom here. When I was in LA I remember the couple of great burgers I had being very ‘handy’ and possible to eat normally. I miss those.


Honest Burger is a pretty decent compromise, I find. And their chips are great. MeatLiquor/MeatMarket also isn’t a stack of doom, but it does fall apart. Not much use if you’re not in London though.



Noted nonetheless.


It’s part of the whole craft burger phase though. How much can they put on a burger becomes a thing on the menu. I mean, there is also the other trend of every increasing burger size, or things like the triple double.

Some pics of the local places near me that do these:


Those last ones look manageable, except maybe the one in the middle with a shitload of bacon(?).


Yeah that last pic is the place I prefer. My GF and I can walk there, though after one of those you don’t want to walk home (lesson learned early on.) the burgers are a tad smaller and more manageable with the different topping combinations. If you’re talking about that burger fourth in, that’s actually onion rings on it. It’s fantastic.

Sadly, I may have eaten at least half the burgers on their menu at this point. I loooooove that place.


Yeah, if you can’t fit it in your mouth it shouldn’t be a burger, or a sandwich. Just plate that shit.


@Skipper’s first set of burgers look like they’d crush down as soon as you pick them up. It’s a big photogenic pileup in the middle of the circle of the burger, but I’d expect that it would spread out into a much thinner layer (and maybe leak out all over the buger sides) as soon as you pick it up to eat it. The one on the left looks like slaw and sauces that would go everywhere as soon as you touch it. Does that one in the middle have half an avocado in the middle? What is the one on the right?


Those are from Bad Daddy’s. Not my pic, but taking a guess at them:

  1. Classic Southern Burger (aka Carolina burger) (chili+slaw)
  2. Seems like a create your own style but that’s avacado, bacon, cheese and LTO.
  3. Honestly it looks like dog poo with ice cream on top. But based on what I know on their menu, a black bean burger with avocado, pickles and some sort of spicy may. Nasty.

And that’s the problem I have with most craft burgers. If they don’t have a good hearty or toasted bun, they disintegrate before you can finish them. You’re breaking out the knife and fork about half way through, or you’re wearing some of it on your shirt on the way home.


Heh, I recently went out to the Bad Daddy’s here in Raleigh. The tots were far and away the best part of the meal. . . but they were really damn good.


Yeah their tots are on point. I’ve only been to one other establishment that has better. It makes me wonder what oil they fry in.