Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).


Ok, so in the Battletech thread, folks started talking about scrapple. Brian and I did, really, spawing out of being from the Philly region. I feel like folks need to fully grasp what scrapple is, but rather than futher gunk up that thread, I decided to put it here.

So here’s what scrapple is… farmer dudes (originally Amish, I believe) in the region would render all kinds of mean scraps from pigs and stuff in big pots, for various uses. After doing so, there was still fat and little scraps of meat and stuff left in the pots.

Some Amish dude realized that he could dump a bunch of corn meal into the pot, mix it all up with some spices, and the corn meal would absorb everything in the pot, and become meaty and good.

And thus scrapple was born. The stuff comes out of the pot, and is formed into blocks, or loaves.

In this form, scrapple is not appealing looking. It’s a kind of greyish-brown block.

What you do to correctly prepare scrapple, is you slice it real thin (Maybe between 1/8 and 1/4 inch thick), and then fry it in a frying pan. Since it’s basically corn meal and fats, it browns awesomely. The goal here is to get it real brown and crispy on the outside. The inside then becomes kind of soft and mushy.

Scrapple gets a bad rap by folks who don’t really understand what it is… they think it’s like head cheese or something else, where it’s a bunch of organ meats or something. But it’s not. It’s meat flavored corn meal.

You know what it’s similar to? Fried pollenta. It basically IS fried pollenta, only with spices and bacon flavor.

Do you not like the idea of bacon flavored pollenta? Then you sir, are what is wrong with the world.

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I’ve had scrapple, many times. I’ve also had more types of livermush and sausage than a normal person should. But I thought I would at least mention that we have a GEM of a company here that makes the good stuff, Neese’s. Straight up awesome is how I would characterize anything they make.

I have always prepared scrapple in the same way as sausage, cutting it and frying it in a pan until crisped on both sides and well cooked. I usually have it with other breakfast fare. You guys sound like you have it a lot, is there another way to eat it?


I dunno. I’d rather just have the bacon, personally. Maybe that’s the other-half-of-PA in me speaking, but I can’t quite bring myself to look at scrapple and say, “Yes, that’s something I would choose over other options.”


I flour mine before frying it. Makes it even crisper!

Deleware has their annual festival coming up for Apples and Scrapple! Has anyone ever gone? 26th annual Apple Scrapple Festival on Friday, Oct 13th and all day Saturday, Oct 14th.

I prefer Scrapple over ALL other breakfast meats. It is far superior to SPAM. @BrianRubin

<3 scrapple.


Nah, that’s how you eat it. It’s a breakfast meat.
I generally eat it with eggs, using the yolks as a kind of sauce.

Some folks put maple syrup on it, but that’s weird to me.


Oh it can also be eaten as a sandwich. I have had it between 2 pieces of french toast and then dipped it in a ocean of maple syrup. My heart thanked me as I was eating it, I could sense it.

And when I was a kid, my one aunt made scrapple meatballs. As snack hors d’oeuvres.


Fuck you dude. Fuck. You.




  • Don’t ask me how I know that.


Some people here do the syrup thing on sausage as well. People are strange.

Sage sausage or hot sausage are like special treat breakfasts for me personally. Like fishbreah, bacon just seems to be something I use more. It’s easier to cook, I guess.


Fun fact: Pig genitals taste like bacon


That’s what Kermit said.


So is scrapple still made that way, or is it just cornmeal tossed into what’s left from the hot dog and sausage making process? I would think that there would be less hair…


Scrapple is fucking awesome. Spam is fucking awesome. And literally everything Neese’s makes is awesome, @Skipper


I think the tiny hairs are what make it so good!


It’s just a bunch of meat scraps. Probably some pork skin in there. Apparently also uses stuff like heart and liver, and the pig’s head.

All the scraps go in a pot, they boil it down, then mince up any meat, and mix it with dry cornmeal.

It’s basically like hot dogs, but less processed, with lots of cornmeal (or buckwheat) flour.


That doesn’t sound bad at all. I’d try a plate or three.

I think it’s just the hair that’s off-putting. For some reason, discovering hair in your food is horrifying to me, especially if I’m chewing on it.


I liked the shit out of that comment, brony.

We should work out a group QT3 buyers rate with Neese’s. Scrapple/sausage for the people.

It tastes to me something like similar to sausage with another meaty taste mixed in, but I’m assuming the latter is due to it’s consistency. In taste it’s quite good. Not hairy or anything crazy.


Having had their fancy sage sausage once at a rich coworker’s place, I know that I will never truly be satisfied by the cheaper sausage I usually guilt myself into buying.


For the record, I have never seen hair in scrapple.


I will eat their sausage, but scrapple and liver pudding is not for human consumption you monsters. It’s like eating the oil filter of the animal kingdom.