Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).


Brown butter is said to have a hazelnut flavor so it makes sense to do that pairing.


So it seems that I’m on a Spam kick lately. This looks interesting.


It’s delicious. Also tastes very, very much like… Spam. Which is also delicious


In my youth, I feel I would have fallen for Spam with Bacon. Nowadays, I feel like sometimes two great tastes don’t necessarily taste great together. Spam and bacon are just fine on their own, I don’t need one in the other


I’ve been in Japan the last three weeks sampling lots of ramen. My favorite has been chicken and “a sea item” broth plus duck chashu. I’ve had something like 40 bowls total.

Here’s a bowl from Ramen Kamo to Negi (ramen duck and scallion):


Damn that looks delicious.

I’m assuming you’ve seen this, but if not, there might be a few extra stops to try after seeing it. Plus, David Chang is pretty fun to listen to.


I’m sitting here taking a break after prepping cooking stuff for tomorrow and my GF is on a video call with her best friend talking about how much she loves Roquefort blue cheese. I agree, it’s awesome.

But I also know that I polished off the rest of what we had with some crackers earlier this week and she apparently doesn’t know.



I have no idea which of the various food threads to put this in. It’s technically food and OK to injest, but reheating it isn’t exactly cooking it…but I did shove it in an oven so it’s not exactly like I got it served to me at a restaurant.

I have a strange addiction problem with cauliflower tater tots…This is a corruption of tater tots that goes so far around from bad that it becomes good again.


Are they good? I kind of want to try them.


I’d try them. I love actual Tater Tots. Once the wife bought generic store brand tots. I tried them too. They were gluey balls of… something. Never again. But I love all things cauliflower, so why not?


What a great idea! I would definitely buy those.


I used mashed cauliflower as the potato topping on a shepherd’s pie once. It was tasty. But it wasn’t potato.


Huh, very similar to some things I had in India. It was very common for cauliflower to be used as a potato replacement in all sorts of fried foods. Very similar to bhajia


Oh I love those. Now I’m hungry. Again.


Yeah, I’d give 'em a shot. Throw some ketchup on 'em, and they don’t feel a hell of a lot different. They are crispy on the outsider, soft on the inside, and deliver other condiments to your mouth. I just had some as part of my lunch, and they feel like guilty pleasure food, but don’t appear (waiting for some news otherwise they they are cancer causing cluster-fuck bombs) unhealthy.

They sell them in broccoli (and broccoli + cheese) as well.




Wait whut?

Look at this tot, salaciously bathed in ketchup. This is where it’s at. Get WOKE.

I mean, if you had to do this, I can see where you’re coming from, but it nudges the cauliflower version slightly out of healthy…


What do you put on your fried potatoes? I’m asking because I like different dips and want to make sure I’m not missing out.

Unless it’s mayo, then you can just GET OUT.


Rosemary and garlic, usually.

Cauliflower calls for something spicy though. Other than that tamarind chutney mentioned above, I’m thinking turmeric, or if you need a dipping sauce, some kind of hot sauce.


Ever tried smashed salt and vinegar potatoes? Wow!