Tell us what you have eaten lately, that you haven't cooked yourself (that's interesting).


I… would be willing to try that. I’m usually not a fan of the salt and vinegar flavor profile but that might be good.


So I was cleaning out the cupboard and I found this.

Now I really want to try these. But the best by date is two years ago. The seal is solid and the button on top hasn’t popped up. I’m thinking that they’re fine to eat. Anyone have any thoughts?


You are unlikely to get sick, although the flavor may be off.

I dunno if I’d risk it, because it kind of sounds gross… but part of me also wants to try them.

Since it’s you who would be throwing up, I say do it and report back to the hive.


upon reflection, I realized I’d feel terrible if you died from tuna peppers. So I withdraw my suggestion, but if you do eat them, still report back.


I have a pretty hearty digestive system and have no compunction about eating food past code if it looks and smells good.

I’d totally try myself, were it not for the fact they sound disgusting to begin with.

But unopened canned foods that are a year past code would hardly phase me. There’s a bottle of tobacco at my in laws that is several years past code, open, and I still use it.


Best By dates have little to no relation to food safety for most products.


But it does mean that you have fish that’s been sitting in a jar for over two years.


I don’t eat canned tuna that’s over a week old.

In related news, I made open faced tuna melts, where the tuna was flavored with siracha and thai sweet chili sauce, and a slice of smoked cheddar. Stupid simple, but yum.


Thanks guys. The liquid is mostly vinegar with salt and some olive oil. It looks clear enough. If it pops when I open it and it smells okay I’ll do the check if it’s poison test. First taste. Then taste a bit and swallow it. Wait a bit. Take a big bite. Wait etc.

And if you don’t think an imported, tuna stuffed chili pepper is good food. ::shakes head::


And was designed to sit in that jar for years. I’m not saying it’s guaranteed to be a good eat, but that shit is generally very shelf stable as long as it’s not opened or damaged.


Yeah, I don’t doubt it. I’m sure it’s fine.

But still, it’s fish in a jar for years.

I’m imagining peppers stuffed with cat food.




Looks good on you though, Rich!


Please describe to me the use of bottled tobacco. If you vape, just say it. We won’t think less of you.

Well… I will. But the others might not. Yeah they will.


Ok so the reason for it is this:

My wife’s family has a Dutch palate. Which basically means absolutely zero spicy. So they don’t ever use the stuff for eating.

However they had a bottle because they got a drop of tobasco put on their tongues for lying and other things growing up. For me I can drink the stuff. Not that I’ve ever drank a small bottle as a bet or anything.

So this bottle has been in the pantry for who knows how long. It still tastes and smells fine, though is notably more brown in color than the standard neon red. But it is also the only ‘spice me up’ item in the house.

It hasn’t killed me yet.


Ah. I see the issue here. :)


Me, to my phone, over autocorrect


Tabasco is basically vinegar and salt. I think it’s impossible for it to go bad.


Sriracha also seemingly can’t go bad, although… Something… Is clearly going in in it.


Sriracha has a fair amount of sugar in it and could probably ferment as it ages.


I believe that is indeed what happens to it