Tell us what you've painted lately (interesting or not)

I was posting in the stuff that’s happening thread about my attempts to get into painting and decided to make a thread for it in case anyone here knows anything about painting or is interested in getting into it.

I’ll talk about the stuff I’ve learned in the last week of giving this a real try, and I’ve spent hours on painting the last few days, I can’t wait for paint to dry so I can get back in and play with it, but tonight I finally had a bit of a break through and things started coming together a little more than the previous two images.

So everything is in one thread, here is my first attempt:

Then I got my hands on a set of Palette Knives and I wanted to try something on YouTube and came up with … nothing at all like what I was looking at (vaguely, at best) but I think it’s fine for a second try, and here is that one:

Then tonight I decided to paint a few coats (three) of Gesso (primer) on my allegedly pre-primed canvases as I read a video that you want to do that, and sure enough the paint obeyed me a little better than before - or maybe I’m just getting a little better, I guess it’s hard to say. Either way, I’ll be using a few coats of Gesso before I paint on any more of my remaining canvases.

Also, I’m running out of some of my colors - that damned sailboat picture really took a lot of my warm colors. :(

This is the latest so far, attempt number 3, and so far it’s everyone in the houses favorite so far, and the one I’m the most proud of.

I’m going to let it dry and sit in my head over night and tomorrow I’ll take another run at it after I get back from the gym. See how I feel about it and if there is any way I can improve (or ruin) it!

Really nice work! I’ve tried iPad painting off and on, but haven’t really invested much into it.

Oh nice one Scott! I was only watching Bob Ross last night and thinking I should give this a crack at some point. Not touched paints since art college and uni. My girlfriend is an illustrator so… she’s very good, but I tend to prefer working with dry media.

I really like the sky and clouds’ form in the first pic too! The dark ones between the trees look very convincing to me.

Speaking of Bob Ross, his paints and tools come in kits. I recall reading that he used wet on wet as well as his paints being formulated differently. Supposedly easier to use.

Brilliant. My wife has the same interest it seems and I have two of her works on the bookcase to my left, and they don’t look unlike yours actually :)

Thanks guys!

I am going to finish this one tomorrow, but I’m reasonably happy with it so far (painting number 4):

Oh, I love the contrast there! I think that might be my favourite so far.

Thanks, man!

HOLY dadgum! Wowzers! That is truly stunning.

Seriously Scott, I am envious. I’d be proud to put those on my walls. I’m especially impressed with all of the water, sky and lighting effects in the second one. You’ve got a real knack for this.

But I need to address something. I sincerely hope my bigfoot comment in the other thread didn’t cause you to alter your work. I thought it looked great, and I only mentioned it because when I saw it, the image looked vaguely like a bigfoot, and I mentioned it because I thought it kind of humorous.

Upon reflection, my dad was an artist, and he took it quite personally if I noticed anything like that in his works, so I apologize if my comments offended or annoyed you in any way, and I’d feel extremely bad if my thoughtless comment caused you to alter your work.

I have in the past unintentionally offended people on this forum a couple of times in the past, and felt terrible about it afterward, so this has been bugging at me, possibly more than it should.

Oh no! No, don’t worry about it - though I’ll admit I spent a bit of time staring at it and trying to figure out where I’d painted a Bigfoot type shape, LOL. But no, I did make some adjustments to it but it was little things I kept noticing myself.

I know I myself often wonder if I just said something dumb or offensive, it happens to everyone, but you are all clear here!

And thanks for the kind words! I’m finding it very challenging to do stuff like I see on YouTube because when I paint something the canvas, even with several Gesso layers applies, just hungrily drinks up my paint - maybe the Gesso I picked is very rough and not smooth? I may have to look into that. So all my frustrations are because I watch, for example, someone do some clouds and they look like a fucking photograph in 30 seconds of dabbing with a brush, and when I do the exact same thing it looks like a 4 year old did it. No offense to 4 year olds.

Anyway, I did a 5th painting, though I plan on making some changes/tweaks to it tomorrow morning after I’ve had some time away from it and it’s fully dried. In this case, I didn’t actually use a reference of any type, I just painted an idea that was simple and would let me try my hand practicing things like water, trees, and clouds. It mostly worked (I should point out I’m not super thrilled with how this one is turning out so far), though I ran out of white last week so I had to use my Gesso as “white” so hopefully that’s… allowed? I need to buy more/new paints, I’m nearly out of several key colors!

Painting 5:

Thanks! I feel better now.
I thought nothing of it until your newest version showed up at the top of this thread, and I noticed that bigfoot had suddenly disappeared, quietly, with no comment from you, and I could just see you there, angrily brushing him out of the picture, black smoke coming from your ears, muttering, “Everyone’s a comedian.”

Well, I did this one just now, and I’m not super happy with how it turned out, but there are aspects of it I do like so I think I just need to… surprise surprise, keep practicing.

Painting 6:

Big fan of no. 6!

Likewise. Surreal.
I’m no artist nor do I know anything about it, however Scott’s style reminds me a lot of another more famous artist whose name escapes me.

Whole bunch of awesome, love the artwork.

Thanks for the support guys, I really appreciate it. This last one I nearly gave up on a few different times, but (just like every other time I attempted to follow this guys stuff) I eventually just shut the video off and worked on stuff myself, seeing what worked and what didn’t. I ended up repainting huge chunks of this over and over again, but I’m pretty happy with the final results - there are aspects of this one I hope to achieve more reliably, going forward.

Painting 7:

Nice! Good job with the mountains and distant trees!

Huge strides there Scott, impressive! I am smitten with no6. It is Art.

Okay, wait a minute. Are you attempting to duplicate someone else’s work, or are these totally your own creations?

I’m asking because these last two you’ve done in particular, look like the work of an actual artist that has been doing this for a long time. With regard to composition and colors specifically.

Because those last two you’ve done have looked really, really good. I wouldn’t mind having them on my own walls, seriously.