Tell us what you've painted lately (interesting or not)

This day I recall I was very tired and also wasn´t looking forward to the knife painting thing, so I lazily added some more detail on the ground and tried to fix some issues with the light on the right side without much success.

While we agree I’m not done with the background, everybody wants me to ruin the picture, so I go ahead and slap some blobs of orange mixes on it

And some more the next week

And even some more the next one…

And then yesterday I decided that yes, I wasn´t done with the background before going crazy with the orange, so I start adding “noise” to everything on the left side. I´ll do the same for the rest of the painting and then it might be done in 2 or 3 more sessions.

Very cool, I loved following the steps you have taken with the painting. Looking forward to the last few.

These are super great to look at, and incredibly charming. If this is a style you are going after, you’re nailing it. And watercolors is one medium I have not jumped in on, but I love how they turn out and some of the ones I’ve watched videos of have made me want to dabble at some point. It seems to me they are the hardest to master.

If you are wanting more realism in your architecture, a few months ago a video came across my channel about two-point perspective drawing that you might fine useful.

Here it is:

But the colors and the painting all came together really well and if this is a first effort, you’re in great shape if you have the passion to keep at it.

@Houngan I somehow missed you posting the final piece and that looks excellent. Great job!

@Lurb your journey with that piece was a blast to follow, very cool and interesting to see your process unfold. The final version of it looks really good and the final highlights really work to make it pop.

Ohh - that is very interesting - The process is rather fun to watch. Are you painting from a reference image, or just imagination? It seems like you have a good grasp on colors as well - looks great!

Thanks! It was the style I was going for - “not perfect” - I’ve been following a youtuber named Toby on urban sketching, and like this approach.

As for more reaslism - I’d love to, but my skills arent there, at all! I find that drawing/painting doesn’t come easily to me, and I have to remind myself why I do it - not to become the world champion of it, but to have fun, relax, and do something that isn’t connected to a screen!

It is! so thanks!

I love your houses, they are so cool. Full of life and character, like illustrations to a storybook full of wonder, magic and warmth.

It’s Wednesday again! more randomness added, should be done in 2 or 3 more sessions, depending on how much I want to fiddle with detail no one will notice…

I watching this with interest. It’s these little touches that bring a painting to life. I really like what you are doing here. I do have to ask what does the whitish strip in the bottom right represent.

Earlier this year our dog AJ died, and with my wife’s birthday coming up I thought, " Wouldn’t it be nice to give her something special for her birthday instead of just some item from Amazon. I wonder if Scott would be interested in painting AJ from a photo". He was! We agreed upon a price and I picked out a couple of photos, one that was a nice, clear shot of AJ and the other showed him up on the mountain bench, where he loved to explore. Scott was able to capture the spirit of the outdoor setting and paint AJ in it - nailing the expression AJ had from the picture, and the distinctive areas of his coloring, like the brown spot on his side and the white tip of his tail. The painting was a hit both for me, and more importantly my wife - since it was a gift for her. Here is the painting Scott created. We love it. Thanks Scott!

I’m really glad you guys liked it! It was a fun project and a great experience overall.

Such a thoughtful gift, and such a great painting, great work @Scotch_Lufkin !

Nicely done Scotch. It takes way more courage and self confidence than I have to take up a commission like that one.

Myself, I finished the forest, just details, and started a Sorolla copy. I sometimes think I should start painting original stuff, but on the other hand master copies are lots of fun and really instructive. You kind of feel part of a special relationship with the original painting and painter.

I’m halfway through it. The dress and background still need work, but the breakthrough was fixing the derpy face I sketched at first…

I miss Scotch! I hope he is still painting. I myself still paint, still 2 hours a week (most weeks).

I finished the Sorolla copy I mentioned last year. It was a quick and nice job:

Then my wife wanted a particular thing painted. The town of Peñíscola, off the Med, where we went for out first vacation together about 30 years ago.
It´s a big painting and for the first time it was a bit of a pain to get through it. I didn´t like it, my teacher didn´t like it and it took 8 months of work and I hate windows. But my wife loves it so there´s that

And then I didn´t know what to paint, but remembered I had saved a pic I liked from a photographer that makes his still lifes look like paintings. I figured I’d go the full circle and make an actual painting out of it.
It´s not 100% finished, many small fixes needed here and there, but it won´t look too different when I´m done:

That bottle is amazing, you really captured the glass/reflections feel.

I loved all of these, nice work.

I absolutely love this one, Lurb. It captures a lot of the Med a bit but for some reason what I love is the tiling method you used. It’s got the gorgeous colors I remember and draws the eye to the old town and walls.

Think these are wonderful. Penis cola though?

Haha! Peñiscola = Broken version of Peninsula. It also sounds a bit like “Little Rock”. It´s an interesting place, Antipope Benedict XIII lived his lastest years in the castle, still maintaining he was the true Pope.

The tiling thing I like, but originally I was going to use it everywhere and avoid too much detail, making it more “painterly”. But I started painting little windows and… I think the different levels of detail clash a little

Hey Lurb, I was happy to see this thread get updated and your work looks incredible! Outstanding stuff!!

I am still painting, looks like I’ve done almost 30 new pieces since my last post here, plus reworking a few older ones as well, so I’ve been keeping busy.

Keep up the great work!