Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)

“When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.”

Had an appraiser in for refinancing the mortgage yesterday. Today the verdict was that the house is worth $205,000. Which is cool. We bought it for $145,000.

I was able to breathe with a lower flow of oxygen for almost 2 hours yesterday afternoon. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Then I couldn’t breathe again and was like booo! But that feeling of brief relief, the hippo who’s been crushing my chest, gone for a little bit, ohhhh so nice! Awaiting more days like that :)

And cause I’m weee bit superstitious now despite my firm belief in everything science, I uh, knocked on wood to try and not jinx myself. LOL

Good for you, JP. Keep fighting the good fight. We’re all behind you here.

Excellent news, man. Keep up the good spirits and be positive. And play some Subnautica and let me know if the waters are okay to jump back in. :p

So I just got back from MegaCon.

I met some interesting people.

Please ignore my ugly mug.

The last pic is the balcony outside the bar at the Hilton. Tim Curry was taking a break. I asked his handler if I might have a moment to ask Mr. Curry a few questions. It was granted.

I talked to him about my love for a movie he did in 1975 called Three Men in a Boat, with Michael Palin. He was very animated in the discussion ( he had a stroke a few years ago) and spoke at length about how his role was most essentially he, himself, than anything he’s ever done. It was seriously an incredibly magical time for me. I feel so lucky to have had private time with such a star.

The wife got Nell Campbell and Meatloaf’s autographs. Meatloaf insisted that she also got Alice Cooper’s autograph on a picture of the two. He told her to ‘Tell Alice I said not to charge you.’ From what she said he’s a really nice guy. He was actually going to take the pic over to Alice, but Cooper had already gone to lunch.

Altogether a wonderful 4 day weekend. As an old fart it killed me physically. Barely able to walk to checkout today. I may never do it again, cons are a young man’s game. But I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth every ache and pain.

Good stuff @RichVR! That’s awesome that you got a change to talk to Palin, and that meeting with Meatloaf sounds sweet.

Curry. :)

Also when we went to the Alice Cooper photo shoot I walked up to him and as I shook his hand I said, “I am not worthy.” He said, “You are certainly worthy, of me. But not her.” I said,“Yeah you’re right about that.” He said,“Yeah, that’s how I feel about my wife too.”

My first thought was “Wow, that Alice Cooper look-a-like fucking nailed it. That is amazing.”

Then I realized Alice Cooper didn’t die last year like I first thought.

That’s cool that you got to talk to Tim Curry. I didn’t know he had had a stroke. That’s too bad. I always thought he should have had a bigger career. He was so funny.

I wouldn’t mind a like button right about now. So cool that you got quality time with Tim Curry!

Sounds like an awesome time, @RichVR. Put me also in the camp that didn’t know Tim Curry had a stroke. I’m sad, but also happy to hear about his time with you and the conversation. That means a lot. Strokes are a strange beast, they debilitate, but also can change people and personalities.

Amazing story and photos, Rich.
We didn’t know about Tim Curry’s stroke either. My girlfriend nearly cried when she saw the photo and realized what had happened. We’re so glad that you managed to probably make his day (and yours) by talking about a movie role he doesn’t likely get asked about much. Kudos.

Over the holiday weekend, I actually spent some time at the coast. It was… cold, but very pretty.

And this flower really did a number on me. It’s actually an invasive species in Oregon, and the fragrance was incredibly strong, not to mention it is… everywhere. I don’t normally have a lot of pollen or sinus issues but dear lord this nearly gave me pink eye because it was so heavy in the air in certain areas. So… of course I took an up close picture.

Cold at the Oregon coast, ah, that brings back memories. I lived in Portland back in the 80s and early 90s, plus quite a few visits since. Almost every year we’d make at least one trip out to the coast, largely to visit the Tillamook cheese factory, but also spend some time at the beach. The water seems to always be freezing, but as you say it’s a beautiful area.

That seafood looked fantastic!

I watched a special a few years ago on the great tsunami and it was fascinating. The things you learn that you don’t realize really make you wonder just how lucky we are that mega disasters aren’t more common.

Very nice pictures and that seafood does look awesome. Really makes me miss when my parents lived on Cape Cod. The free place to stay and the awesome seafood always made a great vacation.

I don’t know if it’s interesting, but it is happening to me. After 22 years married and 27 year together, tomorrow is the day my wife and I are officially splitting. She signs for her new apartment tomorrow morning and then we’ll start the moving process. The last couple months where the decision had been made, but having to wait to move forward have been pretty rough for both us and the kids. Thankfully our kids are older. My oldest is moving out with her fiancee this summer, the middle one just graduated high school and is starting at the community college soon and the youngest is sitting somewhere between his sophomore and junior year due to issues with severe anxiety and depression (unrelated to the divorce, at least up until this point).

It’s not a huge surprise I guess, we had separated for two years back in the early 2000’s and some of the issues that lead to that still haven’t really resolved. But when your wife looks you straight in the eyes and tells you that she just doesn’t love you anymore, well I don’t think that’s ever something easy to hear. The past few months have been this cycle of feeling sad, angry and hopeful. It’s been an odd mix, but at this point I’m just ready for it to happen so we can all start getting used to the new normal and begin moving on.

Thankfully the whole thing is pretty amiable, I have some friends going through more bitter and angry splits and seeing what they’re dealing with makes me thankful for that at least. It’s just not how I figured my life would be at this point. Here I am, sitting at 45 and looking out and going ok, now what?

Sorry for the wall O’text, guess I just needed to get that off my chest.

Man that’s… rough. Despite how calm and accepting of this you seem, that can’t be easy. No matter how much things are going forward without the kind of bitter custody/ financial battles others have, it’s 22 years.

Hopefully the new normal works for you, all of you.

My heart goes out to you, @Shellfishguy That is a huge life changing event. I’m 49. I have never married, but as your friends are, so are mine, divorce is common throughout. I will tell you this, take time to reassess yourself, your wants and desires, and your enjoyment of life. Do whatever the fuck you want to do and be happy with it. You’ll always have your ex, but look at things as part of what makes you who you are now. There were good parts to be remembered, bitter parts too.

One comment on your, “now what?” If you do decide to date again at some point, dating in your 40s is only slightly different than when you were young. The keys are that most people by their 40s know their faults. In addition, most people have come to terms with what they can and cannot handle from a partner. Due to those two things, dating is pretty no-nonsense. You don’t have to please anyone but yourself by this point in life, and any partners you have will be eerily similar. Maybe that means you’ll want to date again or remarry, maybe not. But when you reach that point, don’t for a second think that your current age means there will be a lack of action. It is just as strong of a scene as things are when you are younger, it just works slightly different.

Sorry to hear that - hang in there! At least she was honest about it so you have the chance to form another real connection with someone.