Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)

Ok, that sounds like decent enough news. Or at least not bad news.

Did they offer any further explanation on potential causes? Does this rule out any potential outcomes?

Here’s hoping for some real good news soon.

I’d consider it pretty decent. So next is a doctor visit with the new blood workup. I’m guessing that if my creatinine continues to get lower I may not go for another scan, yet.

On the other hand my liver and lungs are clean. All working fine, so I got that going for me. :)

Yup, lungs are pretty important.

Great news, Rich! I’d buy you a beer if you weren’t on the other side of the country.

God damn, dude. All the best. The uncertainty is the worst.

Heh. The full result were rather specific.

Along with everything else I found out, and I quote:

Abdominal aorta: No aneurysm. Mild vascular calcification. So, a bit of the 'ol hardening of the arteries. But. Mild. At my age? Shit.

Seriously. If I thought they were gonna look at my liver… well I expected much worse. If I say I am surprised by that?

You’re probably healthier than I am. ;)

Just me and my good buddy Weiser. And I drink alone.

Shit bier pryde!!

So the wife got Employee of the Month. It comes with a $500 bonus. So we are at The Whiskey once again. No camel this time. But of course a few Bulliet rye Manhattans to start. More to come…

Live it, brother!

Five double Bulliet Manhattans later we are home. I am sorry for all of you that don’t live near this place. Seriously.

Warm goat cheese and herbs with a tomato coulis.

The best Manhattan you can get outside of NYC.

The Royale burger. Wagyu beef and smoked pork belly. Bourbon onions, gruyere, arugala and a fine, vine ripened tomato and house sauce.

The wife had an elk burger. A blurry elk burger.

DAMN that looks good!!!


If I could eat like this every day I’d be dead already. But happy. Very happy. :)

You two know how to celebrate a bonus.


This weekend I completed my training, and I’m now a PADI-certified Open Water Diver.

I did my checkout dives (four dives over two days) in lovely Tobermory, ON. The cold freshwater does an excellent job of keeping wrecks somewhat intact, but holy hell it was cold. Water temperature on Saturday was 6.3 degrees centigrade. I almost bailed on the weekend; putting my face in the frigid water literally took my breath away and I freaked out a little.

Anyways, I pulled it together and finished the dives, and now I’ve checked off an item from the bucket list. I’ll be in the ABC islands on a family cruise vacation in August, and I’m planning to do my first two dives when I’m there.

Congratulations! Should be a lot warmer for those dives in August!

This shouldn’t be super interesting, but last week I drove down to DC and renewed my Dutch Passport. This was important because if I don’t renew it, and reaffirm my Dutch Citizenship, I am liable to lose my Dutch Citizenship.

As a dual citizen, the Dutch have a law that if you live abroad, and don’t renew your passport after 10 years, you lose it.

Renew your passport or citizenship? We Americans have to renew our passports too or they become invalid, but if we don’t they don’t strip us of our citizenship.