Tell us what's happened to you recently (that's interesting)


Well congratulations! Most exciting news :)

As the trend breaker myself (between mine and my wife’s family 4 boys, 0 girls) prepare for her to be very spoiled.


Checked off bucket list today. Napping under my desk at work. Ground hard enough to wake me up after an hour, just in time to go home early. Very refreshing!

I know - not exciting to you but hopefully some droll humour there to tide you over.


It’s a fun concept but really not very comfortable. In my days of IT career emergency-all-nighters I’ve slept under my desk, and under a strangers desk, and in an ice-cold server room. I really really don’t recommend the latter.


Unless you have a large heavy coat with a hood. I had to do that a few times and it was OK. But then again I like sleeping in then cold.


My first night as bartender at John’s Pub I forgot the code to set the alarm. So I spent the night sleeping (or at least, trying to sleep) in my leather jacket across two chairs. I was like that until the morning janitor came in. It was cold, painful and stupid. He said that I should have just locked up and gone home.


In my previous job I used to sleep under my desk maybe 3 nights a month.


My previous jobs had showers that only the runners used and a few people that didn’t go home during a few go-live dates and a ton of lockers that people used like it was their personal storage unit which lead to fights of course.

On a side note, I can’t believe the cost of renewing Passports now. It’s pretty sad state of affairs when having a passport seems like such a privilege.


What does a passport cost? Think it was $10 last time I renewed.


No clue, I haven’t used a passport since 2003, I am sure mine expired by now.


$110 for renewal. I had the pleasure of having my first one issued when the USA decided to make Canada and Mexico a passport requirement which meant they gross underestimated how many people would need that. and at the time I had a Visa requirement… anyway it seems so expensive now. It’s not an issue for me but geeze.


Holy crap that’s a huge jump! Yeah I maintain a passport just to get to Canada these days.


There was a danger that poor people could use them to establish their identities at the polls.


When you consider the actual cost of printing etc, that is a sad commentary on government lately. Sad but too true.

When the wife and I got our passports 6 years ago it was $90. And that was getting our own pictures done for $10.


This is required identification to cross our borders and return, even the ones north and south of us (although you can use the cards instead), not a luxury spa; it should be more affordable. I still had to get my picture done for 4.99 at Costco.


I think that if it’s required ID it should be free. But what do I know?


So my wife was featured on CBS-LA tonight for her business. They essentially did a story on her, interviewing her and some customers. I’m super proud of her, she was nervous but did very well, I think. The little boy mugging for the camera constantly is my son Max. He’s a real ham. The cute little kid at the end is the daughter of one of the moms interviewed.

So hopefully this will get us some much needed exposure. We could sure use the business! We are the very definition of a Mom and Pop store. With our son as the mascot. So if you know anyone in Orange County send them our way! We’ll never be rich doing this but it feels good to let moms be more productive and build a community.


My wife has been toying with setting up with Mommy Works recently. But what she is mostly talking about offering is services I suspect have a bazillion people offering–some grant-writing assistance, transcription services and maybe some Russian translation services. I’m just dubious there’s any money to be had from those here in one of the most highly-educated towns in the country.

What services does your wife offer, or is it that she is running a footprint location for others to come and work in? It isn’t clear to me from the article?


That’s great man, happy for you. If the business model works, you could set these up all over the country. I’m sure one would work in my town of Westport, CT.


It’s a co-working space / flexible office space, ultimately. But really it’s starting to be a little entrepreneurial community. We are trying to figure out what working Moms want and how to cater to them now. For instance, when we opened it was just an office space and marketed that way. Now we are branching out to event space and also what I call “vendor parties”, that is, an event where several people set up shop (usually on a Saturday) and essentially rent space temporarily, like a fair. We had a Christmas party one last month where Olaf the Snowman came and played with the kids. It was quite fun.


She had asked me to check with the Hivemind to see if anyone had experience with Mommy Works, and could give feedback on how it worked, how well it worked, and what to expect. I’ll pass it on, thanks.